May 2017

Until now, machine embroiderers could not replicate the textured look of hand embroidery with their embroidery machines. That has all changed with the introduction of the Vintage Embroidery product line by Designs in Machine Embroidery. Embroiderers are now able to use a 15 weight and 40 weight polyester thread that mimics the look of hand embroidery without all the handwork. This Vintage Embroidery thread, paired with Vintage Embroidery Software, produces eye-catching results.

The software was inspired by what you see in retail stores: big, bold stitches in matte threads on knits, denims, cotton and linen. The long stitch length and thick threads result in low-stitch count designs making garments so comfortable.

There’s no need for heavy cut-away or fusible stabilizers; just lightweight water solubles or tear-away wash-aways give all the support that’s needed.

Vintage embroidery is fabric-friendly and embroiderer-friendly! The designs are low stitch count (because the stitches are big and the polyester thread is chunky).

Vintage Chic events are popping up in cities around the country. Here are some highlights from a recent event hosted by an Inspirations Dealer, Sew Much More in Austin, Texas.

There are interactive segments where students get to roll up their sleeves and get creative using our Vintage embroidery products.

Vintage Chic Events are a great opportunity to learn, ask questions and make friends.

Plus attendees can take advantage of special event pricing and product bundles.

Give a Vintage Chic or other Inspirations event a try. You’ll improve your skills, gain inspiration and it’s a wonderful way to spend a day! Click here to find an Inspirations Event near you.


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