July 2017

By Scott Goodman
Scott Goodman, owner of Sewing Machine Warehouse & Kneedle.com has been servicing the sewing public since 1976.

It’s Summer. A time to relax, recover and rejuvenate. Your favorite dealer might be on vacation, too – taking some extra time to refresh before attending their upcoming brand convention.

Me? Sunning by the pool, streaming “Hotel Poolside” mix, sharing drinks with umbrellas, with BBQ blazing, kids splashing and giggling…
[Begin dream sequence] Why not kick back by having the industry’s greatest icons and influencers ask the questions? This article could virtually write itself!

I curated a list of the most respected, trusted, and fascinating sewing industry icons. These individuals are known by their brands, technology, and knowledge, influencing products, features, and techniques that enhance your creativity.

Brian: How did you get started in the sewing industry?

Great Scott!: I worked for many small shops as a teen; bakery (galley slave, driver), restaurant (dish washer), dry cleaners (counter clerk, presser, spotter), vacuum and sewing machine shop (technician and sales). The vac & sew job aligned with my personal, technical and fine motor skills. I worked for several companies before opening my first retail store at age 23, my second at age 24. Anyone remember sewing machines made by White, Nelco and Morse?

Brian: You write for the industry and act as our ‘Investigative journalist’. Do you have a background in writing? Is it a hobby? How did you get started?

Great Scott!: OK, this was a total fluke. My wife, Victoria and I met Eileen Roche in a taxi queue at a convention in Las Vegas. Later, the lovely Eileen, and her adorable Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno came to Los Angeles for a sewing event. We offered to guide their first visit to Hollywood. They compared hand and foot prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, found their favorite stars on the Walk of Fame and dined at the Hollywood-Highland Center. During dinner, Eileen asked, “Why don’t you write?”. I submitted my first article a few weeks later. I have grown incredibly since the first article, trying to stretch with each piece. I am very grateful to be a part of the DIME family. With almost 50 years in the industry, I have leveraged my personal relationships with industry executives and visionaries to garner advanced information so my ‘New Products’ article is timely and fresh. I create a level playing field, treating all brands with respect and equality. My store manager, Jennifer Anderson (mother of twins) is my secret proofreader; catching many grammatical and punctuation errors with her red pencil. Thnsk, Jennifer,

Brian: You are an ardent supporter of innovation and you have vision about where the industry is going with its technology. Where do you see us headed, and are there any things you would like to see?

Great Scott!: I expect to see more virtualization; software and storage in the cloud that can be accessed with any device. I hope to see more human-engineering in sewing machine design; making it harder for the end-user to mis-thread or otherwise muck up their machine.

Some manufacturers have included augmented reality within their machine. Expect further enhancements in virtual reality, pre-visualizing your projects. Virtual reality could extend to the camera in your laptop, dynamically previewing the design on your wardrobe while you are wearing it. How about integrations with social media, sharing your preview and hoping for a thumbs up. My creative heart would like to see more media. We have embellished with roving, and rhinestones, sewn with “rope”, couched and corded with varying materials and created designs, in the hoop, with dye pens. What other tricks can we do with a stabilized, framed material? What could you do with a fusing attachment that could join vinyl and waterproof seams. There was an attachment for 1960s era Singer sewing machines that could make a one-thread chain stitch. Could we bring back this retro embroidery technique reminiscent of Disney-personalized Mickey and Donald hats from earlier times?

Read the rest of the interview in the upcoming July/August issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery!

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