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Quilt Market in Portland, OR

Just back from Quilt Market in Portland, OR where I had the pleasure of meeting quilt shop owners and sewing machine dealers from allover the country. On Thursday, I teamed up with my Stitching Sister Marie Zinno and taught a ‘schoolhouse’ on my latest book, Contemporary Machine-Embroidered Accessories. I talked about bags, belts and buckles while Marie showcased beautiful projects from her book, Machine Embroidery for Babies for Tots.
The next day it was off to the show floor to sign books, demo Magna-Hoop and the Angle Finder. So much interest, so little time to talk to everyone.

This week is print week at the mag, so the staff is hunkered down with final edits to our 51st issue, out June 15th. Print week can be a bit stressful but we always manage sail through it and let out a huge sigh of relief once we hit ‘send.’ My work for the mag is done at this point, I’m moving on to the next issue and whatever else I have on plate between issues.
I took a moment this morning to view my recent appearance on Behind the Seams, No matter how many times I do it, I still feel a little uneasy watching my own video clips. Because once it’s out there, it’s out there! But I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Behind the Seams with host Sara Boughner. The set was comfortable, the makeup artist made us look quite natural (well, not early morning natural, but still natural!) and the videography is quite professional. Log on to and review their risk-free trial membership program. You’ll learn from many sewlebrities, not just me. But if you want to investigate more about my functional embroidery technique, that’s the place to see it.

Log on, view the episode and rate it. Rating helps Behind the Seams and me know if we’re presenting educational material in a format that’s helpful to you. Hope to see you Behind the Seams!
Next, it’s off to the set of America Sews with Sue Hausmann. Stay tuned, I’ll give you a glimpse of what’s happening on her set next week.



  • Diane


    I noticed you mentioned Do you know what is going on with the site. I have tried numerous times to connect to it but it brings up some other I used my bookmarked link and no luck. I don’t even have a e-mail for them. I sure miss the videos and looked forward to ones that you do. I have watched you and Nancy Zieman alot. Thanks and I love your blog.

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