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We’re always working on new things here at Designs – embroidery designs, Stipple Collections, a few soon-to-be-released books, magnetic hoops – and oh yes, future issues of Designs!  Whenever I develop something new, I lean back on my experience working with you.  I listen to your struggles, your challenges, your favorite techniques and my own personal embroidery experience.  I use all of that data to create a magazine that hopefully, is a reflection of you.  So, help me out and tell me what you’d like to see in Designs. 

Do you want more wearables, children’s items, home décor or quilting?  Do you need more technical guidance on software and digitizing?  What specific embroidery techniques would you like to explore? 

If you’d enjoy more wearables, are you interested in embellishing blanks or creating from scratch?  Do you like over-the-top fashions or garb for everyday? 

Our goal at Designs is to keep you inspired. We have lots of great new projects in store for you but we are open to new ideas!  So help us continue to make Designs your number one resource for embroidery instruction and inspiration.  Leave a comment telling me exactly what you’d like to see in Designs and you will be entered in our weekly drawing.  This week you could win an Embroidery Tool Kit.

The winner of the Buckle Up Collection from last week is… Karen Rilstone!

Karen Rilstone  My favorite quick gift is freestanding lace angels and snowflakes. I stitch the angels to send to people who are experiencing life challenges, be it illness, etc.  The snowflakes are quick gifts that you can send with a seasonal card.  Karen

Congratulations, Karen!

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  • LeAnne Law

    I love looking at the wearables each issue. I don’t sew my own clothes, so I’m most interested in ready-to-wear embellishments, nothing real fancy, but still enough to make it a one-of-a-kind garment that says “wow.”

    I’d also love to see more home decor such as curtains, pillows, wallhangings, table linens.


    • nancy nebeker

      I would like to know more about embroidering on non standard materials- like how to adjust stabilizers, threads, tensions etc. Also how to manipulate designs in software programs as well as taking jpegs formats and making a emb design from it. I would like to see how one design could be used in different disciplines. Some designs look like a towel or a bib. How can I take one of these and alter it slightly to get a design that would fit style-wise with another use. Can you throw in a few projects ou of the box to get my juices going?

    • mary martinez

      I would like to see more on different fonts and how to use the janome digitizer Ilove to read your magazine on all the cool ideas you come up with!! I like to see more things for boys as I have 9 grandsons and 1granddaughter. I would like to see how you would take a picture from a coloring book and scan it and put it to stitches either for an applique or a stitch out design.

  • Katrina

    I love home decor items and making things for baby so those would be things I’d enjoy seeing more of.

  • Greta

    I am always needing to update my baby and kid designs, never seem to have enough… fonts also. I am a confirmed fontaholic and don’t see a step program in my future, LOL!!


  • lois

    I would love to see more wearables. Although I do love to make clothes, my time is limited. Highlighting transforming ready to wear into something more special would be Fabulous !! Thanks for all you do! xox

  • Sandi Brust

    I am always looking for ideas for children’s clothes. Mom and especially Grandmas are always interested ( and therefore will buy) new and adorable items for their little ones.

  • Carol Thomas

    I am interested in all facets of sewing, but wearables are my fave. Home decor and quilting are a close second. I can go either way with either making the garment or embellishing a purchased garment. Everyday is best for me with an occasional “over the top” garment. Love the stipple designs for quilting, but I need to make window treatments and bed linens for my bedroom. I would love to know a simple way to make a bedskirt without having to remove the heavy mattress.

    Thanks for the survey.

    • eileen

      Hi Carol,

      Oh that troublesome heavy top mattress! It’s quite a challenge to move. You could try velcro for attaching a bed skirt panel to the top of the box spring. A combination of adhesive and sew-in velcro works best. It’s pricey but you would get a lifetime of use.

      First measure the drop (height of the bedskirt from the top of the box spring to the floor). Add 3″. Make the bedskirt according to the measurements. Sew the loop (soft) side of the sew-in velcro to the top of the bedskirt.

      To install the bedskirt, move the mattress about 4″ away from the edge. Finger press the hook (rough) side of adhesive to the top of the box spring, about 3″ in from the edge. Do this on the sides and foot of the bed (one at a time, of course). Finger press the bedskirt to the box spring. Slide the mattress back in place.

      Hope this helps, Carol.

      • Pat DeFries

        Hi, I too am just redoing my bedroom and love the idea of attaching the bed skirt with velcro. So easy to change & wash. Thanks for all your great ideas.

    • Beverly

      Eileen, I love your work if I could just borrow a quarter of your brain…..LOL I love using blanks and embellishing everything! I do also like making things from scratch, I guess if it has to do with embroidery………..
      I LOVE IT ALL !! I just got the Perfect Placement kit and it is as easy as you said it is. I love the new snap hoops too. Anything you show always does what you state it does. Thank you sew much. ^j^ Bev

      • Jeanne

        Ditto…..I also love it all ;o) Thank you

    • Cassandra

      To make a bedskirt without having to deal with the mattress this is what I do:

      measure 3 sides of your bed and add 24″ on the long side and 12 inches on the end of the mattress measure.

      Also measure from the top of the box spring to the floor.

      I make a very long, lined panel with about a 4 inch hem. So the fabric is about 6 inches wider than the lining. Sew it up the long sides and short sides of the fabric and the lining, leaving a turning spot of 6-8 inches on either of the long seams, and turn it insude out.

      Press and then 1/3 and 2/3 the length of the lonf pieces make 3 inch box pleat, stitch across the top. Make one box pleat on the short side and do the same.

      Then I use the large T pins to pin this to the top edge of the box spring.

      It makes a very nice tailored bed skirt.

  • Bette Gove

    I am a new subscriber to the magazine.

    I purchsed a subscription to help me with techniques to make the embroidery I do look more proffesional. I was hoping to be inspired by clothing projects, gift projects, some home dec.

  • Gail Beam

    I usually embroider on blanks or premade clothing , however, I do like to make things occasionally. Now that the grandkids are older, I tend to make more home dec, totes, purses, and aprons more than clothing items. New techniques in embroidering always interest me, as well as reading up on new ways to improve the way I already do things.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Gail,
      You mentioned you like making totes. I wanted to be sure you check out the latest issue– Volume 64 Sept/Oct 2010. (The magazine is landing now in mailboxes and retail stores if you don’t have your copy yet)

      We feature some of the cutest totes in an article titled: “A Little Light Reading” by JoAnn Connolly. Plus, as a little perk JoAnn donated a free design to make the totes.

      The design is featured on our website– visit Click on the Magazine icon at the top. Select Volume 64 Sept/Oct 2010. You’ll find the free “Read.” design on the right side of page.

      Happy Stitching!
      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Martha

    I’d like to be able to buy ready to wear and make it my own with embroidery. Knowing just what to use and how is really important. The latest Stabilizer, thread, needle and placement information all very important.

  • Kathy Harrison

    I would love to see more information shared on how to digitize. I have embroidery softwear and have dabbled in digitizing, but mostly using the automatic settings. I know that each piece of software is different, but I would like to learn more about it.

  • Martie Dutro

    I love the magazine and the website, I would like to say first off. Second I would like to see more original creations. Clothing the it designed around the designs and techniques, for instance. I like the doodads a lot but they have their limits. I like beautiful ,useful home decor.

  • Judith Wordelman

    I am really intrigued by IN THE HOOP projects right now and can’t get enough of them…Also, since we are always acquiring people new to embroidery, I’d like to see some of the older projects brought back! thanks!

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Judith,
      I agree, in the hoop projects are fun.

      Be sure to check out a few of my favorite in the hoop projects we have featured in recent issues:

      Volume 62 May/June 2010: The Sweet Little Zero Calorie Cookie
      This project features some fun in the hoop cookies that are used to make party invitations

      Volume 60: Jan/Feb 2010: Embroider a Zipper? Yes, You Can
      This project features an in the hoop checkbook cover

      Volume 60: Personalized Bookmarks
      This project features some very cool bookmarks that are a cinch to stitch.

      These projects are featured in the Digital Magazine on our website. Go to Click on the Magazine icon at the top and scroll down to the appropriate issue.

      And I’m excited to share that we’ll be featuring more in the hoop projects in upcoming issues. So be sure your subscription is up to date– I’m sure you won’t want to miss them.

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Enis Blizman

    Designs is by far my favorite magazine! I love everything about it. I love the variety of content from projects, techniques, software, tools, etc. Not that you could do any more, but I like to see more home dec and everyday wear made from scratch with embroidery embellishments. Great job on a wonderful magazine! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Nancy Blanks

    Just continue to surprise with fabulous designs, in-the-hoop projects or whatever come to your creative minds. I love the products I have purchased thus far and look forward to many more skill building projects.

  • Jennifer Mead

    I always enjoy all of the projects in the magazine, and more wearables from patterns would be great!! I would also enjoy more “back to the basics.” I do not have the software programs that do all the digitizing you cover so well in the magazine. I would like more projects centered around contruction and embroidery itself. Other great articles may be what to do with all those water soluble scrap pieces, all the pretty thread scraps I have saved, etc. Surely there are many creative and beautiful things to do with these.

  • Judy Inhoff

    I would like to see more designs for babies. I make a lot of baby gifts, so I’m always look for new designs and projects.

    I like to sew on blanks rather than make the item from scratch, because I don’t have a lot of time. Projects in-the-hoop and machine applique designs I would like to see more of.

    Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Judy,
      We feature several projects for babies in Volume 64 Sept/Oct 2010 that may interest you.

      Baby Blocks by Lynda Remmers, HoopSisters
      – This article features some of the cutest baby blocks I have ever seen. If I had a baby to stitch for this project would be on the top of my list!

      Overnight Suitcase Gift Set by Rehbecca Lowder
      – Rehbecca did an excellent job thinking “out of the box” when she designed a small suitecase for a baby. Open the suitcase and there are some one of a kind baby items.

      Fast, Easy Embroidered Baby Bundle by Marie Zinno
      – I really appreciate the software lesson Marie presented in this article. She used software to create an applique and merged it with lettering. This is the perfect little touch for a baby blanket, tote and burp cloth.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We’ll have more fun baby projects in future issues.

      Happy Stitching,
      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Cheryl Bartels

    Hi, I would love to see more wearables. I love clothing embellishment, for home sewing and for ready-to-wear.

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  • Lorraine Moy

    I started my embroidery career subscribing to every magazine as soon as they started publishing. Only get Designs now. Love how the magazine has progressed & grown. I do quilts, baby and women’s heirloom sewing, want ideas for these most. I am older, large, so would like to see wearables that are appropriate for plus-sizes, exciting and over the top, yet designs that do NOT make me stand out like Carmen Miranda!

  • Susan Spiers

    I would lke to see more embroidery designs from the wonderful designers that are out there! A lot of times these designers have free designs available for download ,as examples, a list of these designs made available on the website would be nice to see too!

  • Linda Lee

    I would like to see more embroidery designs and in the hoop ideas. I would also like to see more senior citizen ideas and that age appropriate designs for wearable and the senior style of living. Also new ideas for babies would be wonderful gifts for seniors to give. I am over 60 and just love machine embroidery…Your magazine and webpages are the greatest – and serve us well. Thank you.

  • Linda Lee

    I almost forgot – I would love to see fonts specifically for greeting card use. Thank you

  • Connie Pepin

    I’d love to see quick gift projects that you can complete in less than 90 minutes. I’m always needing a quick gift (or one of my daughters are …..”Mom, can’t you make me up something quick for a baby/birthday/wedding shower?”). Some of the ‘quickies’ have turned out so well I hate to give them away, but I’m always looking for new, unique gift ideas – great for those making things for craft show sales also.

  • Beth Rowan

    I’d like to see more articles on embellishing ready-made items, especially to create something that is one-of-a-kind and very special for the wearer. It would also be nice to see more technical articles on matching designs with the right fabric, and also how to modify designs for use with specialty threads (such as variegated and metallic).

  • Karin

    Mmmmm, so many choices — I choose them ALL! I love the quick gifts, I love the in-the-hoop projects, I love the wearable, I love the home decor items, I love them ALL! I usually embroider then sew my own stuff – occasionally will embellish ready-to-wear or placemats, things like that. I’d like to see more info on making FRINGE embroidery – I’ve seen the results, but haven’t really been brave enough to do one of my own. Thanks for all the helpful hints!

    • Lidia

      Jeapahh-Raohv, Our Great Healer, pour out your wisdom on Cindy’s doctor and all the technicians assisting in Cindy’s procedure. Touch her body with your healing hands. In the Name of Jesus, C-diff, be gone! Father, thank You for what You are doing in Cindy’s life and body. We give her body to You, for You have given her a vision and You will equip her to carry it out. You are our Glorious Father, and we thank You for Your abundant blessings. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen

  • Monica

    I am always looking for inspiration to embellish my RTW clothing and those I make myself. Working in the Education field you have to be FASHIONABLE Corporate and Summer Camp Ready if needed. There’s no limit to CREATIVITY ;D

  • Barbara

    I use my embroidery module for making quilt labels. I would like to see some designs made specifically for this purpose. I can imagine a pretty border, for example, already set up to add the particulars of a quilt.

  • Ruth

    I go more for everyday gard and either RTW or made from scratch is fine by me. Sometime making from scratch is the easier way to go IMO.

  • Sharon

    I make wall hangings for a local restuarant to sell chances to win. They have send almost 500 packages to the troops in Iraq and Afganistan and this helps to defer the cost of mailing. I recently made a stippled butterfly one that is currently on display. I enjoyed that butterfly designs so much that I immediately purchased the shell designs upon release. I look forward to future stipple designs and would recommend them to anyone to expand their library.

  • Ann H.

    I’m new to embroidery, so I’m always looking for technical articles that tell me HOW to place ready-made designs on RTW, step-by-step on making quilt labels, getting the best use out of my digitizing software (I’m a Bernina user), how to multihoop accurately, and general mechanics of embroidery. Love the articles that talk about thread types, stabilizers, and other variables that can influence the success of a project. Maybe you could have a column each issue especially for us “newbies,” that would help us learn the basics – small projects that would teach a technique, help practice using specialty threads, etc. Love the mag – learned a lot already!

  • Sandy George

    I love your project ideas – Always keeps me thinking on how to combine my lobe of quilting with my embroidery….thanks

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    I would love to see mylar dragonflies in machine embroidery, but any bug would do. lol I love to stitch out little bugs and attach them to old clothing to make them new again.

  • Peggy

    Right now I am hooked on in the hoop projects! Your stipple designs are the best!! I am loving your new snap hoop!! Best embroidery magazine out there!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Jean Beckstrom

    I would like to see really masculine designs for men’s shirts. Perhaps some good geometric as well

  • Jean Guenther

    I would like to have more information on how-to’s for all the products we purchase that you spend so much time producing. I buy the products, come home, read up on how to use them, and then try to figure out what to use them for. They get put aside and I forget about them. When you feature one thing and go into detail we all pull that product out and start using it.

    I love the magazine and look forward to each issue for the new ideas you showcase. Thank you so much for your dedication to this.

  • Virginia Davis

    I think with the rage now on quilting blocks, information for embroidering, paper piecing, etc would most likely be helpful to a lot of people, me being one of them. Working in the hoop now allows embroidery on everything so personalizing a quilt is much easier. Informations using pictures, embroidery designs and sizes, stabilizers, thread, batting and other notions would be a great help.

    thanks so much

  • Valerie Usowicz

    Thanks for helping to make machine embroidery more understandable for all of us new to the art. It’s so much fun, but daunting too. I have the butterfly stipple package and haven’t tried it yet. I have made it a goal to get to it this summer. I hope you will develope the snap hoop for the Pfaff 2170 it looks great in the videos. I’m hoping to retire soon so that I can spend more time quilting and embroidering.
    I love to see and read how embroidery is used by other people. I’d like to see more geometric designs. I love the sewing in the hoop idea, is there a way for us to design our own simple applique or are we restricted to use what others design and sell? Could you teach a class on how it’s done?
    Thanks again for your passion for embroidery, I look forward to learning more and the future of this craft.

  • Mary Snyder

    Wow! It’s all overwhelming. I would like to have you and Nancy living next door to me. It would be nice to have sections on all you teach, but that is pretty daunting. So will take what inspires you and the ideas others give. Thanks to the Lord for giving you this great talent. Mary

  • Karen Trott

    I am a subscriber to Designs in Machine Embroidery. I would like to see more how to on digitizing. Not just that certain things are important, stitch type, density, stitch angle, but from the beginning, I have a piece of art work ready to digitize now —
    Many designs that I buy use continueous stitching of all one color or non adjacent areas of the same color, as a result, the is little variety in the stitches, so there is no reasonable way to customize a design.
    Why is this type digitizing done. To Control design modifications, sews faster, What?
    As a rule I create a design in regions that are then filled with a specific stitch patern. How do professions go from design thru digitizing to end product.

    I do like you how to’s on specific projects, whether skirts, shirts, pillow cases or in-the-hoop projects.


  • Marcia

    I have been subscribing to Designs in Machine Embroidery for a few years and love the the articles and ideas.

  • Marcia

    My Mom is 96 and my Dad is 89 years old. I am always looking for fun things to make for them.

  • Mary Runyon

    Over a year ago you featured a Mystery Quilt that ran for about six months. I belong to a group of machine embroiders. We meet once a month and help each other learn our software and everything else about machine embroidery. We used your Mystery Quilt to help the group get better acquainted with their software. Some ladies were just learning how to save and retrieve their designs, while others were quite computer savy. We divided into groups by the brand of software we owned. Everyone learned a great deal, even the teachers. Several of us finished our quilts and took them to “show and tell” at our quilt guild.

    I would love to see another long term project that my “E-Bee” could participate in.

  • Laurine Elton

    I am a newbie at using the embroidery machine and love it.I enjoy the magazine and website and woud like to see a snap hoop that would fit my machine, an older Huskystar EM10 by Husqvarna Viking.

  • Fran

    Hi, Eileen!

    Subscribed to “Designs” because I want to learn how to embroider first on home-made clothes, then on store-bought, and last on home decor. I’m not a quilter; however, have tried and made some neat projects. But, I am a seamstress at heart, more than a quilter. Admire all the projects others make, but know I cannot do quilting justice. Whereas with clothing, I have fun. So, my needs are how to’s and software instruction. I have Designers Gallery Masterworks II, Density Works, and Studio III. All I’ve used so far, is Studio III. AM afraid of the others. I am a RANK BEGINNER and money is tight now! How do you tell when software is an embroidery design or an applique design? Never used any other hoop but the ones that came with my machine – others are too expensive, right now.

    Love “Designs” so much. It’s a fabulous magazine that always has an article to help me!

  • Paule-Marie

    Quilting, tying in M.E. to quilting. taking quilting designs and adapting them to embroidery. So I guess that boils right down to digitizing, the programs available and what offers themost bang for my buck. Oh, and time and organization.

  • Sonya Porter

    I am interested in embellishing blanks for casual wear. This includes baby’s & kids clothes, as well as for the mature woman. I have a new niece (just turned 1 yr) and a new great nephew (just turned 1 month). It is so much fun to make things for them.
    I’m also interested in making practical quick gift items for Christmas, birthdays, house warmings, baby showers, etc.
    Quick tips on techniques and organizing are always welcome, as well as reviews on the latest software, gadgets to use with my Singer XL6000 (or any machine).

  • Shirley Rawlinson

    Hi, Eileen,

    I am a new subscriber to Designs, having attended one of your recent 2-day seminars. So informative and such fun!

    I would like to see articles on digitizing. Being new to the art of embroidery, I am presently using my digitizing software (Master Works II) only for combining purchased designs with alphabets, etc. I would like to create a family tree quilt for each of my children and would like more information on how to digitize photographs. Of course, the alternative to that would be to print them on fabric, but I would like to go a step beyond that and actually embroider them. Generally speaking, I would just like to be able to put digitizing software to its best use, so any articles along this line would be very helpful.

    I also would like to see medium to small projects that could be made as gifts, I surely don’t plan on keeping all that I plan to embroider (smiles!)

  • Trish

    #1 – Quilting
    #2 – Home Dec
    #3 – Quilting
    #4 – Gift ideas
    #5 – Quilting

    I heart quilting … can you tell?

  • Sandy W

    I would like to see more on digitizing, as I am new to this part of the embroidery world. Now I read my Janome digitizer manual and then do the example this takes time when you are learning to digitize. Hey, maybe some video as I am a visual person as so many other.
    Small gift items for the teens would be great.

    I enjoy your magazine and web site thanks for making our life a litter easier.

  • Pam B

    I like machine embroidery for any kind of garment, gifts and accessories. Articles on embroidery sizing and density would be nice too. Pam

  • Nancy Haggerty

    I would like to see some modern ways of incorporating embroidery into wearables that are not reminiscent of 1980s fashion.

  • Gail Beam

    I would like to see more simple, quick emboridered project ideas for teens and boys. There is not a lot of ideas out there for this group.


  • Nathalie Culotta

    I especially like to embroider for babies and children. I do both blanks and projects from scratch. I would like to see some more advanced projects. Your magazine provides inspiraton and I can’t wait for the next issue to come. I love to see the newest things available and the magazine keeps me “in the know”. Thanks!!!

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Nathalie,
      You mentioned you are interested in projects for babies and children.

      Be sure you check out the Fat Cars Book by Linda Atwill. It’s one of my favorite projects for two reasons–
      1. It’s boy friendly
      2. You can personalize it with lettering AND a fabric photo of a child.

      We featured the project in Volume 60 Jan/Feb 2010. If you missed that issue it’s available as a Digital Magazine.

      Go to Click on the Magazine icon at the top. Scroll down to Volume 60 Jan/Feb 2010. Click on “Access this Digital Issue Free”.

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Judy Bailey

    Hi, I am a HUGE fan of in the hoop designs. I am totally amazed at the items I can make and each one pefectly made. I would love to see some in the hoop quilt designs. Each square would be perfect; no tedious matching.

    I also would like to see more boy children designs. I have 4 year old twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl. There is a ton of cute girl stuff; but, very little for boys.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Paula

    I like to see variety. But with two twins on the way I’m most interested in baby and children projects

  • Susie

    I enjoy creating quilts and embellishing blanks for gifts.

  • Beverly Hummel

    I have a Viking Designer II with Embird software. This summer I began embroidering pastel designs on T-Shirts for gifts It is a wonderful experience when people open the gift and are in awe that I took the time to create them a beautiful t-shirt. I am now in the process of creating a Baltimore Quilt mixing in embrodery with the applique as a wedding gift to my niece. I am so excited to be able to give a piece of myself to her future.

  • Linda Lee

    Hi Eileen – I am currently using the Digitizer Pro V-3 for my Janome 11000. I learn something new almost everyday. My next purchase and thing to learn is the Magna Hoop for the 11000…but I am wondering if I should hold out for a snap hoop that will be compatible with the Janome 11000 either B hoop or SQ hoop. I love this blog and reading what others have to say. Thank you.

  • Elsie Jarry

    I love to make things from scratch. I buy a few blanks. I am interested to learning to use my hoop for continous embroidery. I would also like in the hoop quilt designs. I would love to have the snap hoop for Babylock machine but unable to afford it on my limited retirement budget. I have subscribed to your magazine and always read it cover to cover as soon as it arrives.

  • Kathy Meyers

    I have subscribed to your magazine for years. I save them all! Every now and again I go back through and get new inspiration! I like home decorating projects, table runners, placemats, kitchen items. I’d like to see more of this type of thing, both from scratch and from using blanks.
    Thanks for your magazine!

  • Judy Moon

    I am looking for in the hoop quilting designs also. I like to quilt all my quilts with the embroidery machine!! I also like to make tablerenners.

  • Deb Fischer

    I would love to see useable but quick gifts for kids. I have 10 grandchildren, ages 2 to 12, and they ALL love to have me embroider something for them everytime they come to visit. My problem is I just don’t know “what” to make them so we usually just put a unicorn, hummingbird etc (their “favorite” thing that day) on a wash cloth… talk about boring. Even though they like it, I’m feeling pretty sad about it. So please help me with quick but useable gifts for kids of all ages. Thank you for asking!

  • Kathy

    I find inspiration in all your articles and ideas, but my true passion is to include embroidery in my quilts, wall hangings, lap and bed quilts. When I look at quilts patterns, my first thought is how to include embroidery into the pattern to come up with a unique quilt that is special for the recipient. A quilt is a time consuming project, so I also love simple, quick gift ideas for when I just need something small.

  • lOUISE

    I absolutely love the Butterfly Stipples. I have made up several wall hangings and pillows using them. What I’d like to see next is a Flower Stipple. I think a combination of butterflies and flowers would make for a great quilt.
    I love all the small projects in the magazine because I’m always looking for gifts. With the upcoming holidays they will be especially appreciated.
    I prefer projects for the home but am always interested in checking out anything new.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Anna-Marie

    I make wall clocks for gigts, it is something they look at everyday, and think of me.

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Anna-Marie,
      Wall clocks are great gifts– very practical, creative and fun!

      When I read your comment I immediately thought of a recent project we featured in Volume 62 May/June 2010 that I hope you didn’t miss. The article is: “Time Flies” by Tamara Fox for OESD. It’s a fun clock featuring a frog and a “pesky” little embroidered fly on the clock hands.

      You can view the project in the Digital Magazine by going to Click on Magazine, then scroll down to Volume 62. Click on the link: Access this digital issue FREE.


      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Peggy Schroeder

    Hi Eileen:
    I attended your seminar in Sacramento in March, now seem to be “obsessed” with acquiring ALL of your books, CDs, etc. My biggest problem hooping is when I have to re-hoop 2 or 3 times to get all the design done. I try very hard (marking, pining, etc.,) but it seems like it is always just a little bit “off”. Everyone says it looks great, but I can see that it is just not quite as straight as I want it to be. I would also like to become a lot better at using the computer to combine patterns and designs.

    For people with arthritic hands like mine, I use the little foam things that go over pencils-cut them in half and they just fit the screw on the hoop. Then I use Dawn Power Disolve on my hoops; just spray, let sit about 15 minutes then rinse and wipe the sticky from the spray adhesive away!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Sue

    I would like additional information on the heavy-duty double-faced tape that Debbie Jones mentions in her column on Alternatives to Self-Adhesive Stabilizers in Issue 64. What is the name brand of that tape and where can it be purchased?



  • Peggy Schroeder

    Hi Eileen,

    I would like to see some more technical help in combining designs with fonts on the computer. Perhaps some help also with using Embird and Buzz Tools to the best advantage. At my age, (OLD), my guess is that the computers are not going away, so any help we can get would hopefully make doing the designs easier and quicker. It takes so long to do the computer part, I am almost tired of the design before I even start stitching. When I invest that much time in something I would really love to be able to understand it better.

    Thanks so much for all of you help, I do appreciate all of your tips.

    Peggy Schroeder

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