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I am one lucky lady. I get to visit sewing machine dealers all over the country. I have seen everything (and taught there) from vac shops to full-service machine emporiums to a stitcher’s haven chock full of machines, notions and fabrics.

A stitcher’s emporium at Quiltique, Henderson, NV

When I walk in the door of a sewing machine dealer, the first few minutes tell me quite a bit about the owner, staff and customer base. Sometimes I’m stunned; occasionally disappointed but often inspired. The first thing that hits me is the overall layout of the store. Next, the greeting from the staff (or lack of) and finally, the merchandise displays.

Texture, color and light fill Steve’s Sewing & Vacuum in King of Prussia, PA

A well-thought out and inviting layout draws me into the store. It makes me want to get in there and see what’s on display. By this time, I would hope to have been acknowledged by a staff member, just a friendly, “Hello!” is all that is required here. I know some staffers in the industry know me by my photos but you’d be surprised how many don’t recognize me until I identify myself. It’s my feeling that all who enter should be verbally welcomed.

A treasure trove of buttons and trims at Benno’s Buttons, Dallas, TX

Samples galore at Sew Much More, Austin, TX

Samples galore at Sew Much More, Austin, TX

Now it’s time to get down to the merchandise displays – the real reason why we enter a sewing machine dealer – because we need something! This is the one area that kind of grates on my nerves. I believe sewing machine retail locations should be beautiful, colorful, clean and up-dated. The light – and lots of it – should shine on gorgeous quilts, clothing, soft accessories, framed or hooped stitch-outs, racks of thread and bolts of fabric. I may have traveled into this store to buy blue thread but I’d really like to go home with new goodies such as a pattern, fabric, a new ruler or machine foot.

Inviting layout at Sewing Machines Plus, San Marcos, CA

Sewing machine retailers enjoy complete freedom in setting up their stores. It is the one retail outlet that can really reflect its geographical location. I visit malls all over the country – each one practically identical to the next. But our sewing machine retail stores can be so personal, so representative of their region. In Texas shops, you can expect to find western-related fabrics, buttons and the like. In Minnesota, warm woolens and flannels are often in abundance. Florida offers tropical prints, flamingos by the flock and lots of beachy-themed accessories. Sewing machine retail stores have personality and we’ve lost that in retail as a nation. That’s one of the things I love about our industry – it has personality!

B-Sew Inn’s spacious classroom in Tulsa, OK

Tell me about your sewing machine dealer. What do you love about them? Do they have personality? Is it reflected in their store, in the way they treat their customers?

Tell us your thoughts and you’ll be entered to win one of two 2011 Internet Embroidery Club Memberships from Martha Pullen


Last week we asked what your favorite emberoidery tool or notion was.  So many of you can’t live without your curved scissors!  The winner is Bernie Webre!

“I have two favorites – Wonder Tape for my embroidery hoops. It holds the fabric in place to make the hooping process so much easier. My other new favorite is a “loop puller” to camoflague those annoying loopies that sometimes pop up – usually near the end of a stitch intensive design.”

Congratulations, Bernie!

Join Designs in Machine Embroidery Editor Eileen Roche and her Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno for a week of fun-filled, embroidery aboard the Carnival Cruise Line to Mexico. Arrive with suntan lotion, comfortable cruising attire and a big smile.

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  • Kathy Stoessner


    You are so right about being greeted. I don’t like to be hounded but I do hope for a friendly hello. My favorite shop, Anna’s Sewing Center in North Olmsted Ohio does so much more. They seem to know every customer by name and come right over to show you the newest thing on their shelves. They love to have fun and include the customer in their antics. It is so uplighting just to be in the store, let alone all the wonderful things to inspire me. So even if I don’t “win”, I am a winner as their customer.

    Kathy Stoessner

    • eileen

      Good for you, Kathy! It’s heartwarming to know that it’s ‘uplifting’ just to be in the store. I often find a visit to a shop like Anna’s cures a case of the ‘doldrums’!

  • Sylvia Zwick

    I was looking for a new sewing machine and happened into the Charlotte Sewing Center in Charlotte, NC. As soon as I walked in the door, the owner came over and introduced himself and starting showing me some machines. When I found one I liked – a Babylock Esante, he spent 20 minutes showing me all the neat things it can do! He was very pleasant and also took the time to tell me about the classes they offer. And the best thing is he services all the machines himself – so no sending it out for service! He also had a variety of notions and beautiful embroidery items hanging on the walls. I plan on making that store a regular stop for all my projects.

  • pam duxbury

    My favorite sewing shop is in the next town. Amygenes is a spot we found completely by accident. We were going to Walmart and decided to stop to eat first. It took us 45 minutes to order our food at a fast food restaurant. Needless to say we were not very happy with the service. While my daughter and I were finishing our lunch and discussing quilting she looked out the window and saw a quilting shop right next door. Right there and then we decided wee had to go over and check it out. Right away when we walked in the workers came up to us and welcomed us and asked if we had any questions. What a wonderful place to visit and we even ended up on the mailing list. This is my place to shop, visit and ask any questions.

  • Enis

    You know, I never thought of my local shops like this, but now that you bring it to my attend, I feel the very same way and apparently have for some time. When I walk into a wonderful quilt/fabric/sewing machine shop, I like to be dazzled. I want to meander around and look at all the wonderful goodies available. And yes, it should be warm and with a friendly staff. I look to look at all the quilts and fun projects on display with all their wonderful colors. And, I must be able to touch! Of course, I realize that some things should be, but I love the touch of fabrics and just have to touch some.

    In thinking about the shops I go to, I love the beautiful little quilt shops the best. The big chains are so “sterile”. Funny, my sewing machine shop is actually located in the middle of a chain store. I will bee line directly to the sewing machine shop and look at all the goodies there before I do anything else in the store — even if I came to the chain because there was something I needed.

  • Beverley Hilton

    The only game in the town of Gainesville, Florida, is A-1 Sewing in the Millhopper Shopping Center. Glynn Thrift and Pam McIntyre are the business partners who run A-1, aided by Bunny Hand and Cammey Sealey. The shop is bright, airey, well-stocked, and welcoming. Customers quickly become friends.

    They’ve been in business, family-owned, more than 45 years, and focus on Husqvarna-Viking machines. So far I’ve gotten three from them — An SE and a Diamond for the studio, and an Emerald for traveling. As the only machine dealer or repair facility in town, they could act the part. But they do NOT!

    First, Pam presents the absolutely BEST owners’ classes I’ve ever encountered. By the time you finish one of her multi-week classes, you KNOW your machine inside and out. She’s thorough, and patient, answering any leftover questions immediately following the class or long-term.

    A-1 offers a ton of other great clubs and classes. Whatever you want to learn, whatever you need to know — Pam and her knowledgeable team are there, ready and able to help. Teachers include both staff and outside instructors, keeping classes fresh and exciting.

    Glynn provides expert and reasonably priced repairs on the machines they sell, and on all other brands as well. Amazingly, the price of one of the higher-end machines includes FIVE YEARS of free service! Calculating the cost of a service call times five years makes their already attractive pricing a real value. That includes annual preventative maintenance service, too!

    Bunnie and Cammey are an integral part of the operation. They know their stock, they can find anything you need in the store or special order, and they are incredibly knowledgeable about their machines, techniques, anything and everything having to do with sewing.

    The way they take care of their customers, you would never know they were the only game in town!

    • eileen

      Beverly – you should send a link (to this blog) to A-1 Sewing so they can see what kind words you have written! So often people don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  • Kathy Marston

    Hi Eileen…my favorite shop is The Quilt Sampler in Tulsa. The fabric displays are well lit, odds and ends easy to find and everyone is great to help you find what you are looking for. The quilts that are displayed are works of art. Even if I only need a spool of thread, always end up with exras! They are a great resouce to bounce ideas…from machine embroidery to sewing. I am always greeted when entering the store.

    The one thing I really appreciate is their patience when answering questions. This year I upgraded from a Pfaff 7570 to a Creative 4.0. This was quite a change for me. I have never felt as if I have asked a “stupid question”. I am appreciative of this…hey not everyone is a computer genius…LOL. And their service after the sale is excellent, as I have other Pfaff machines.

    I just want you to know that the employees of The Quilt Sampler in Tulsa/Joplin ROCK!!!

  • Susan Burns

    My favorite sewing machine vendor is The Sewing Room in Tucson Arizona. They are a Bernina Dealer, as well as a great quilting store, but they don’t limit it to quilts. There are purses, pin cushions, aprons, etc.
    They greet you BY NAME when you enter, and are also friendly to new patrons. The thing that stands out with them to me is that they not only offer all kinds of classes you can pay to take, they also have many each month that are free if you bought your machine there. You can continue to explore all possibilities with your machine for as long as you want!

    • eileen

      By NAME! That’s impressive. Goes to show you they really make an effort to KNOW their customers.

  • carroll

    My sewing machine dealer is the best. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love that store. Prairie Quilt in Hennessy, OK is the most special place to be. I have never been in a store like theirs anywhere. The moment you enter the store the staff greats you like they have been waiting for you to enter and they can’t wait till they can help you. And they answer all your questions no mater how many you ask. Their samples are a dream to look at, you can’t help want to make eveything. When you have a question about your sewing machine they will help you even if you didn’t buy their brand. If you buy a machine there they send you a note to thank you for buying your machine from them. The machine repair man will fix your machine in one day if you have an appointment. If you just want to look around they will leave you alone and just answer your questions if you have any. They have classes and activities planned all the time and. The class room is big and light filled and lots of plug ins. And they even have an elevator so it is easy to move your machine. It’s like a party when you go there. Randa Parish is the owner and she makes you feel at home in her store.

    • eileen

      An elevator! Wow – how thoughtful is that!

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    I have only two stores to choose from here where I live…:( but Hancock Fabrics is where I shop the most.. They are very friendly and usually up to date with new fabrics and notions. I love to go in and read all the sewing books available and shop their clearance The other store that I mentioned is new and I haven’t had a chance to go there yet…maybe one day next week.

  • Kathy Marston

    Eileen…oops. Meant to type the Quilt Sampler in Tulsa/Springfield, not Joplin.


  • Jean Hollis

    My sewing machine dealer is Lakeshore Sewing in Grand Rapids, MI. Since I’ve bought three machines and a multitude of fabric & notions from them, they must be doing something right! They know me by name, and recognize most of my family since for the first few years of my embroidery “habit” I received store gift certificates for Mother’s Day, birthdays & Christmas. They have two shops, both laid out to draw you in with new products, samples and colorful displays. Each store caters to a certain machine type crowd, yet either store can help you with what you need. They offer a vast amount of classes with spacious classrooms to help you learn new techniques with your machine, which of course, helps you buy more products and fabric in their stores. The staff is even able to diagnose some machine problems by phone! And the repair guy is a gft from God. I pray he never retires and have sent a multitude of sewing friends to him with all types of machines for repair. I’ve recommended their store to friends and strangers both and they have never let me down.

    • eileen

      Wow! Sounds wonderful!

  • marsha nelson

    When I go to the sewing store I am always greeted with a big hello. And then the adventure starts with lots of eye candy. There are full size quilts and wall hangings every where. Patterns galore with a sample done and the kits to make them. The latest line of fabric is always by the front door so I know what’s new. They have lots of big rick rack and huge buttons to match everything. There are hemstitched bibs and blankets with lots of yummy flannel. The staff is great and very helpful. I wish all stores were like this one. Fun to go to.

  • Janice Murry

    I live in rural southern Arkansas and the nearest sewing machine dealers are in Texarkana, AR or Shreveport/Bossier, LA. There is one store in Bossier that sells a high end machine, who also has classes and sells fabric. Unfortunately, I do not have that machine. The two places that sell and service my machine in either city, do not sell fabric. When I travel to see my dad, I stop in Little Rock and Conway, AR at the Hancock stores to by fabric. I would love to be able to frequent one of the stores that are pictured in your blog.

  • Gail Beam

    My favorite sewing machine dealer and quilt shop is the Sewing Studio in Normal, Il. I found it quite by accident, and drive 45 miles to go there. Although it has since gone out of business, at the time I got my D 1 we had a shop where I live who serviced and sold Husqvarna machines, but they were not very friendly or helpful. Margaret, who owns and runs the Sewing Studio remembers you and calls you by name when you enter the store. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they have a great repairman. They teach a variety of sewing classes in their back room that are very reasonable. The Sewing Studio presents a very warm and inviting feeling both personally and in the products they offer. There are numerous fabulous quilts and sewing projects on the walls for one to admire and inspire creativity. They offer a wide variey of fabric and notions to choose from. I always find something that intices me to buy whenever I visit their shop.

  • rho

    My shop of choice is DISCOVER SEWING in Duluth, GA. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Any question is answered with expertise and much patience. The store is very well organized, classes are helpful and they will gladly order things they may not carry in stock.
    Another favorite shop is SEW BLESSED in Haira, GA. Again friendly helpful staff and beautiful samples from a great selection of fabrics for all ages. When you go in you want to stay and keep walking around looking at all the tools, machines, notions buttons, fabric ….

  • Alice McFarlane

    My favorite shop is Satin Stitches Sewing and Embroidery in Columbia, Mo. The staff that works there always greet you with a smile and a hello. They know most of their customers by name. Always ask if they can help you, how you are doing and how the family is. They are a first class quilting and embroidery shop. If they don’t have something in stock they offer to order it or let you know when it will be back in stock. They have wonderful classes. If you have problems with a class project at home, you can always call and they are very helpful. Lots of fabrics, thread and notions to choose from. Always have beautiful samples hanging in the store.

  • Michelle

    I dont have one favorite store but bought 3 machines from MrVacnMrsSew in Wantaugh, NY. Lisa and Joe are knowledgeable and have the best prices. Fabric stores I frequent are Pieceful Quilting in Northport, NY
    SewWhatsNew in Islip, NY , Patchworks in Sayville and 112 Sewing in Patchogue, NY . Mountain Quiltworks and A Stitch in time in Honesdale, PA
    are a yearly stop when I am on vacation in the area.
    Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I usually spend more than I planned!

  • Cathy Luedloff

    My favorite embroidery place would be Fenton Sew n Vac. I had gone there for years for vacuum cleaners before I got into Embroidering because the people are always so friendly and helpful. When I was looking for a Embroidery Machine they took a lot of time to answer all my questions. And even though I did not buy my machine from them, they were extremely happy that I got one. Now that they have expanded to carry fabric I have to force myself out the door.

  • Phyllis F

    I have been attending American Sewing Guild meetings at Fabrics Etcetera in Webster Texas (near Houston). The owners have gone out of their way to be helpful. They have ordered and delivered lunch for us, they help us put our machines in our cars, and have given us a very warm welcome in every way. They sell Fabrics and Machines and everything related. I didn’t buy my current machine there, but I may buy my next one at their store. I love their service.

  • Karen Holsopple

    I live in a very small rural town. All of our fabric stores have closed, but we do still have a sewing machine dealer/repair shop here in Sanford. The woman who owns it, has run it for over 40 years. She knows her machines inside and out. I purchased a serger and had no clue how to thread it. She normally charged $20, but showed me for free. I had a problem with my first sewing machine and brought it to her. She opened it right there and then, gave it a bit of oil, and sent me on my way for a small fee of $5! She has every part and piece most need, and what she doesn’t have, she orders promptly. She offers sewing lessons, with no set ‘class time’! If you have the time, she has the time. I’ve been to the ‘big city’ stores, and although they have fantastic goods to offer, I’ve found a few to be a bit pushy in their sales departments. I will forever be a patron at our little country store, where personality and charm abound!

  • Jean Guenther

    My favorite fabric and sewing machine store is not my local store, but a store that is 1 hour 10 min away. It’s Nancy’s Notions in Beaver Dam WI. It is worth the drive for me to visit this store. I go with a friend and we make a day of it. The people who work there are the nicest and most friendly people. They all greet people as you walk around and offer help and then leave you to shop on your own. The fabric stash they have is the best…pattern selection is over the top, and then the huge room with machines. When I needed a new serger, my friend and I went together and they walked us through all the new things sergers do and helped guide us to what we were looking for. Then they had a class on how to use the machine. I came home with about 20-30 samples all marked out to correspond to the book.

    It’s a great drive through farm country and worth every minute of the trip.


  • Lynda Whittemore

    My local machine store is Able Sew and Vac in Raynham MA. The owner of the store is Fred Start. Customer service is A at this small store. They do not sell fabrics at this store but they do have machines , threads, cabinets and other accessories. The staff always greets you with a warm hello. If you have any questions or concerns they are quick to help you out. They do all of their repIrs on site so you don’t have to be without your baby for long. They also gave me a loaner machine while they figured out what was wrong with mine. I think you would love this store.

  • Donna

    My favorite quilt shop is Fran’s Sewing Circle in Wilmington. Although I did not purchase a sewing machine from this store, the sales people are always friendly and helpful to me. The displays and samples are wonderful. Fran lets us use her sewing room for our quilt study group free. She is very supportive to the local quilting groups.

  • Susan Weber

    I shop at Creative Sewing in San Antonio, Tx. and I so much enjoy all the ladies there. They will help you with any problem you have or just chit chat with you about what you are working on. Terry also has so many classes that are available so that you can learn your new machine or a new technique. They are also great at teaching young people as my 11 year old granddaughter has been taking lessons there for two years and so enjoys it that she was asking for classes this summer. Everyone on the staff is quite knowledgeable aboaut sewing and quilting so you don’t have to worry about getting your questions answered.

  • Brenda Kish

    My favorite sewing machine dealer is Colette’s Sewing Machines Plus in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Everytime I go in there I’m greeted by name. They also sell quilting and fashion fabric, notions etc. I’ve taken quite a few classes there. They’re always so helpful.

  • Sharon Thomas

    Ashby Sewing in Acworth, GA is my dealer. I am warmly greeted as I walk in the door. They keep my machine serviced. I learn better “hands on” so when I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do something with my machine, such as a rolled hem, they sit down at a model like mine, show me how, then let me practice. They offer regular classes. They have all the latest accessories to go with my machine as well as notions, thread, magazines and fabric.

  • Clem

    My favorite machine and notions store is Quality Sewing in Silverdale, WA. When you walk in you are always cheerfully greeted, wheather you buy something or not. If you are a regular they greet you by name, if you are a “newbie” they are still just as friendly. The have free machine usage classes which you can take over and over again. If they do not know the answer to a question the cheerfully ask another associate and even take answers from other customers who love to “eavesdrop” 😉

    There are samples of sewouts all over the store, some are from customers who love to share.

    They do not carry fabric, but can tell you the best place for different brands of fabric.

    They are the best…

    I also love Harbor Quilt in Gig Harbor, WA for my fabric. They always greet you no matter how busy they are. I remember recently being very impressed with them. I had not been in since before Christmas. I came to buy fabric to go with a quilt that was mostly finished. They remember my name and asked about previous ufo’s I had talked about. They are great!!

  • Clem

    oops whether not wheather… lol

  • Charlotte Lipe

    My favorite sewing machine store is SEWING MACHINES AND THINGS in Franklin, TN. So many times they have gone the extra mile to solve the problems I have had with my machine. They are always friendly and caring and in the past 10 years have become friends.

  • Terri Lawson

    My favorite dealers are Pam and Lui Cortesse; they own The Sewing and Vacuum Place, the Baby Lock dealer in Santa Rosa, CA. They and their staff are so friendly! I love that they know me by name and that I will ultimately always get a wonderful hug from Pam when I enter the store!! What’s not to like about a hug? They make you feel like family! I have purchased several machines from them and have never felt pressured… nothing worse than a salesperson making you feel like you are their last meal.

    I am sure that Eileen and Marie will agree as they just spent the weekend here and spent 3-days with them their selves!

    • eileen

      You bet Marie & I agree! We just finished a fabulous event in Santa Rosa. And the Cortesse family couldn’t have been nicer to us and the guests. Marie & I felt like royalty! Terri, you’re lucky to have them as your local dealer!

  • Wendy Scott

    I love my Viking dealer, Cyndie. Viking Gallery 724 Newark DE. She is very helpful and she loves doing classes. My friend Janice is now working there so I have to stop in to see what is going on. We have a lot of fun during classes and someone usually brings donuts, you can’t sew on a empty stomach.

  • Dale

    My favorite sewing machine store is Eddie’s Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale, CA. It’s a family owned business and they always make you feel like you are a part of the family. They are very knowledgeable about all of the machines they have and they offer classes on how to use them (free if you purchase your machine there). When you enter the store you are always warmly greeted. Even when you go there just to ask a question, the staff is willing to help and will even show you how to do the technique on the machine. I absolutely love this place.

    • eileen

      Hi Dale,
      Oh that’s good to hear! My Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno and I are headed to Eddie’s Quilting Bee November 19-20, 2011. Hope to see you there!

  • Marcia

    My favorite sewing machine dealer is Sewing Machines Plus in San Marcos, Ca, it takes 8 hours from northern Nevada to drive there, but well worth the long drive. Ron Martin, the owner, and his staff always greet me by name and answer all my questions . Scott, master mechanic, will service and fix any problems with my machines while I wait. He is just a phone call away and walks me through any concerns that I have by phone. Cory Martin is always accommodating and finds a place for my husband to work on his computer while I take classes from Janet. When my husband walks through the store, he always finds a new machine or accessories that he insists on buying for me.

    • eileen

      Marcia – you’re right, the Martins are one of the nicest families in the industry. Well worth the long drive from Nevada!

  • Norma Schraer

    My favorite sewing business is SATIN STITCHES & EMBROIDERY in Columbia, MO. I bought my first embroidery machine from Gail Marcy in the late ’90’s. I have watched her and her store grow from just machines and designs to fabric and lessons, classes and ideas.
    I feel like a “kid in a candy store” when I go in…..I just want to stand in one place and turn and turn and turn in order to see everything!
    Gail always looks up and calls me by name even when she is on a deadline to finish the latest newsletter! We were both diagnosed with breast cancer within months of each other, and can proudly say, we are both survivors!

    • eileen

      Hip, hip, hooray for you and Gail!

  • Barbara Yanta

    My favorite sewing center is Bernina 245 in Hancock Fabric in Austin, TX. They always welcome me and drop what they are doing to help me find what I need. At Christmas I was embroidering place mats for gifts when my machine told me that the memory was full and would not let me go further. I tried everything and was on a deadline for the next day. I called the center and told them my problem. After trying to “un-freeze” my machine over the phone, they offered their machines in the center to help me finish. How many centers would do that?

  • Paule-Marie

    I love The Sewing Store in Santa Rosa. I have shopped there since they originally opened years ago. Even though I now live in rural Arizona, whenever I get back to Santa Rosa, I am greeted and hugged like a returning member of the family. Pam and Lui are wonderful. I know that I can call and get help from them whenever I have a question or problem (usually user error). Pam is an absolute whiz at telephone troubleshooting and when I do visit the store, takes the time to show me all the great features and information I ask about. She is such a creative person.

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  • Annemarie McCoy

    My favorite sewing, embroidery and quilting shop is “Wilson’s ” in Hagerstown MD. It’s family owned and staffed.
    They welcome everyone and greet you by name. The shop is so pretty, very inviting, and it changes for the
    4 seasons, with their 4 open houses, new classes, embroidery clubs, specials weekends events with special
    instructors and trunk shows. They are dealers for Pfaff and my favorite Huskvarna Viking , and long arm
    machines… Plus notions, threads, embellishments, books, and the most display of colors and prints of material
    to chose from, and if it is too confusing, the staff will patiently and knowingly help you select for you. And if your
    machine is sick, father and son will take care of it on the spot, in their little clinic. What else can you ask ?
    Ah yes, there is gourmet coffee on all the time, with cookies, and soft serve ice cream in season.

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  • Janet Thomas

    I must agree with all these comments. I have a viking diamond. I also am post closed head trauma which leaves me with short term learning. Sadly, I have had nothing but trouble with my machine and a dealer that continues to convince me that it is MY problem, my short term learning disability. However, my husband has now gone and listened to all, watched as I have done all asked, and he to does not understand why a machine locks up consistently at around 28,000/30,000 stitches no matter what I do, how well I clean the machine, or whatever “suggestions” I am given. So, my wanting to have “something” anything to accomplish by a “cute” little sewing shop is of little meaning to me anymore if the customer is made to feel that they are stupid in the inability to complete a project. I have had this machine two years. For those two years, it has been an very expensive piece of junk by a cute friendly shop that has convinced me that I need this ‘foot’, this hoop, until I have so much invested that I can’t afford to by another brand if I wanted to. Yes, I love the touch of materials, looking at patterns, and Oh my goodness, I have to hold myself back I want to get so many embroidery designs, but cannot. For what reason. If they require more than 30,000 stitches, my machine will be back in the shop for another 3 weeks (as it is now) for MY mistakes. Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring my frustration to all that truly have such a wonderful time. I envy you and wish I were one of you. As I said, if I could afford to dump this machine and start all over, I would. Well, now I feel better. Thanks for a place to air!

  • Frances Mcclenaghan

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