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It’s exciting to hear so many of you are anxious to receive the link to update your G7 Solutions software program. I thought I would take this opportunity to address many of your questions.

1. How can I be Inspired? How can I get the download link?

The link will come in a joint email from your dealer and DIME and will contain a form to fill out. Once completed and submitted online, you will be given a link to download the software when we have identified the dealer that is closest to you. When you receive the email, it will look similar to this – a joint message from DIME and your local dealer.



As you scroll down the email, you’ll spot a large blue box.



Clicking on this link will take you to a form. Fill out the form and click on the Submit button.



Once you click on Submit, a message appears with instructions. I’ve highlighted two important points – you’ll receive the download via email and a reminder to check your spam folder.



The email will list the appropriate links. Click on each link to download. If the links are not active (you cannot click on it) in the email, your anti-virus software is blocking the link from working. Turn off your anti-virus program for about 15 min. You will then find the link is active. You can also try to copy and paste the complete link into your browser.


2. Should I save or run the program when I click on that link?

We suggest that you save the file into a folder that you call My Special Files (or a name you choose).



It’s a large file, so please be patient while it downloads.


After you download/save the file into the selected folder, go to the folder and double click on the file….and you will be Inspired!

If your anti-virus software is active, you may receive an alert because this is an executable file, designated by the .exe extension. Most likely you have encountered this message on an earlier occasion when you installed a new software program.


To proceed, click on Allow this File.



And click on OK to install the program.



Once installed, fill out the registration form. If the submit button is greyed out make sure all required areas are filled in.

Is this the computer that has a registered Floriani software program on it? You must have a registered version (registered prior to August 1, 2014) of the software in order for Inspiration Software to install properly.

3. Is the software name correctly chosen in the top box? Use the down arrow for the dropdown selection (if provided) to select your proper software name.

4. Will the Inspiration Software do anything to my computer, or previously-installed software programs?

No. Inspiration Software will not do anything other than to create additional icons on your desktop so that you can easily be Inspired!

5. Is there a deadline to update? No, there is no deadline.

6. Do I have to update? No, you do not have to choose…..the Inspiration Update is free to registered owners of Floriani software (registered prior to August 1, 2014). Take one or take both….. no pressure…..Be Inspired!

Exciting times like this involve the coordinated efforts of many people – including your local dealer. Dealers are really busy people so they and we, appreciate your patience as we continue to grow out network.  More Inspiration to come – every Saturday!








  • tina barry

    My dealer does not sell Dime and I already got my total control U. Filled out your ticket on the website 2 weeks ago no response getting ffustrated

  • K

    Your post does not detail what will happen if there is not a dealer near-by.


  • Elinor Smith

    I was told my total control dealer is not supporting DIME. How do I get the necessary forms. My zip is 93727.

  • Elizabeth P

    Here’s a dilemma that has caused me great frustration.

    Since RNK / Floriani marketing side FAILED to adequately announce (to consumers, at least where I am) that all their software had to be registered by 31 July 2014, my purchased Image Maker software was not registered in time. I only found this out when on 14 August, I attempted to register it only to receive a prompt that the codes were invalid. When I contacted RNK, they advised me to return the software to the dealer for a full refund as the software had to registered before the deadline. The dealer in turn contacted RNK only to find out that according to their records, that my Image software was actually registered during the 14 Aug attempt….but the software is not operational even following all the directions and tips to allow thumbnails reviewing including searching the internet for additional tips. Last week, the dealer told me to contact RNK Support to help resolve this problem which I will do this week.

    So….if by chance, RNK Support desk does help me get the software working, my registered date will be after 1 August. Based on the information above about DiME registration, how will I be able to proceed since my registration date will be 13 August?

    May I request a DiME response on how to proceed? (assuming that RNK Support will help me activate the registered software.)

    Many thanks!

    • NancyR

      As stated contact RNK again to see if they can clear up the issue with your registration. If that fails, you may wish to contact the Inspiration support desk at Include as much information as possible, name, address, where and when purchased and when registered, be sure to include the serial number as well.

      • Elizabeth P

        Well, good news! Contacted the Tech Support section of RNK and David was most helpful as he verified that my software was indeed registered 14 Aug and after testing what I have, determined that I needed an update to the purchased software. He promptly sent me the link for the Update and he walked me through it. I now have the software working – 7.5 version. I can view 90% of the .PES designs – unable to view any of Martha Pullen’s design and some designer specific. David explained that sometimes designs are protected and do not respond to viewing. He did state that I could try to do a batch conversion of embroidery designs to view the designs. Not sure how to do the batch conversion – will add it to my list of things to do!

        Will wait to get more info to do an Inspiration Update.

        • NancyR

          That is good news, I am happy that you are up and running and registered. Next, contact the Inspiration support desk at, complete the ticket and make sure you include the serial number of your software and where and when you purchased it. You will be sent a link from the Inspiration dealer located closest to you so can download and install your Inspiration software. You may wish to include a short explanation of the issues you had with your registration also.

          Join the Inspiration forum at http://www.inspirationsupport/forum to chat, share software and embroidery knowledge and to “inspire” others with your current embroidery and quilting projects.

  • Jeanne Blanton

    I was told by my dealer that the image maker link to change to the dime version doesn’t work. So now what can I do to make the change?

  • Sharon Mueller

    405 janet dr. I have not receive a link to update to the new software . What do I need to do. Please email me

  • Kaye Campbell

    I tried to use the link for support and it doesn’t work. I was told by my dealer on Monday that I would get an e-mail in 24 to 48 hours to download my link for my update and it hasn’t come yet. This is becoming frustrating.

  • Pat Buehler

    I have been unable to get the Inspiration support link to work. I no longer live in the state where I purchased the software so contacting that dealer is not reasonable. Please advise

  • eileenroche

    Pat is here the link to the help desk:

  • Helen Murtagh

    Is this product not going to be available in Canada?

    I checked with my dealer and she hasn’t received anything other than general user notices.

  • Tommie White

    I cannot find a email for this.I have looked many times I have the Flroiani and would like to down load the new Inspiration. my email has changed and is now drifferent.Any help would be great.

  • Hollie

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