July Updates


Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend. When you tear yourself away from the festivities, you’ll find July’s free designs on the My Today page of Perfect Embroidery Pro, ready for download. 

Once you open Perfect Embroidery Pro, you’ll be prompted to accept the latest version, 8.47. Just follow the prompts to receive helpful new updates. Here’s what you’ll find:

Enhanced icons – those that are active are brighter while the dormant icons are softer. The distinction between the two is now easily identified.

You’ll find a new option for forcing a machine to stop between color changes in applique designs. Since some machines skip a color change when identical colors are next to each other in the stitch order, adding a check mark in the Color Change box will ensure the machine stops at the correct time.  If you’ve been struggling with this at your machine, you’ll find the stop specifically helpful between the placement guide and tack down of an applique design.

After numerous requests, we’ve added the Break Up Path feature for faster editing of buttonholes.  Select the buttonhole design, right mouse click and select Break Up Path from the drop down menu.

The elements will now be grouped in two groups – the decoration and the actual buttonhole.

We all have a favorite thread chart that we use to select our threads. Of course, you’ve been able to select a default palette and custom any chart. Now when you load a C2S design, Perfect Embroidery Pro will convert the colors to your thread chart if you’ve selected that option in Tools, General Options, Environment. Just put a check in the box to activate the option.

If you have Microsoft Surface tablet, you’ll enjoy the new, larger My Today screen.

PES format users rejoice! The warning message regarding designs that are larger than 200mm x 300mm is now a thing of the past.

Open Perfect Embroidery Pro today, download the update and enjoy all the improvements!


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9 Comments on July Updates

  1. Joy Teague
    July 4, 2015 at 10:12 pm (4 years ago)

    Thank you for the designs.

  2. Royce Zook
    July 5, 2015 at 10:49 am (4 years ago)

    Thanks for keeping us updated with your information. Very helpful and timely!

  3. Debbie
    July 5, 2015 at 1:46 pm (4 years ago)

    It does not prompt me to update and when I go to help to get the update, it says I have the latest version 8.40. How do I get the 8.47?

    • eileenroche
      July 5, 2015 at 8:17 pm (4 years ago)

      Oops! I should have mentioned in my post that the update is always available on the first Monday of the month. So you can update tomorrow, July 6.

  4. Kitt
    July 5, 2015 at 3:18 pm (4 years ago)

    I have the same problem as Debbie. when I check for updates it tells me the same thing. I have the latest version, 8.40. I can not get the 8.47 update? I did get the July designs.

  5. Kathleen Taylor
    July 5, 2015 at 6:26 pm (4 years ago)

    Same problem as above , no prompt to update, says I already have current version 8.40.

    • eileenroche
      July 5, 2015 at 8:18 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Kathleen – the update is available on Download Monday – the first Monday of the month. Open your software tomorrow, July 6th and you’ll see the update.

  6. Nita W in OK
    July 9, 2015 at 3:34 pm (4 years ago)

    I had the same problem when I attempted to download, and I figured the announcement came out before the update was “live”. I thought to myself “dummy, this is a holiday weekend, no one is working today!”

  7. Ann Kari
    July 26, 2015 at 2:09 pm (4 years ago)

    I am really new to the PEP software and You Tube. Can you please tell me how to get to the PEP Into Videos (1,2&3) that are mentioned in the July issue of Eileen’ Blog? I accidently found one late last night and it was wonderful but I have no idea how I did it.
    Thank you for your help


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