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Multi-Needle Monday: Month by Month Baby Onsies (Part 1 of 3)

This week’s Multi-needle Monday blog is the start of a three part series featuring the Month by Month onsie gift set. These onsies are also referred to as snap suits and can be purchased wholesale online or retail from most big box stores. It is difficult to find unadorned onsies from large big box retailers (they are usually sold with embroidered or screen printed designs). I suggest looking online if you do not have the ability to purchase wholesale.

The Month by Month collection is a unique gift idea than enables the parents to photograph their new baby every month for the first year in an onsie which is embroidered with the actual month 1-12. Most parents like to place the baby in the same location which really gives you the feeling of how quickly they grow.

To create this memorable and useful gift you need to plan ahead and select the correct size onsies. Each baby born is a different weight and the first month onsie is usually a newborn size. I researched the size / weight standards for baby clothing and the results are listed below.

Newborn: up to 8.5 lbs.

3 Months up to 12.5 lbs.

6 Months up to 16.5 lbs.

9 Months up to 20.5 lbs.

12 Months up to 24.5 lbs.

*This is a guideline of one vendor and can vary from vendor to vendor.

For this particular onsie collection I purchased 12 onsies in four colors. I wanted the colors to be variegated and colorful. The best way to really plan the layout is to make a chart with the onsie colors and sizes. Use masking tape to mark each onsie on the front as to which “month” is to be embroidered on which color onsie.onsie9BL

  1. Purchase appliqué fabric for a circle appliqué that will be added to each onsie in the center front of the shirt. Each circle appliqué will contain the numbered month (fat quarters are perfect for this project). Select and wash the appliqué fabric and onsies. onsie2BLonsie3BL
  2. Use fusible poly mesh stabilizer in white or natural colors. Iron the poly mesh stabilizer to the wrong side of front of each onsie cut each piece approximately 8 inches square. The fusible stabilizer makes hooping easier and eliminates over stretching the knit fabric.onsiestabilizerBL
  3. Iron on a light weight fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the appliqué fabrics. I selected the Pellon Shirt Tailor 950F. Follow the directions on packaging for proper iron settings. The interfacing gives the appliqué fabric body without making the fabric too stiff. It also helps to minimize the stray fibers from poking through of the satin stitches.onsie1BL
  4. Proper placement is critical when planning the embroidery. Use the Children’s Perfect Placement Kit and select the template labeled Centered Chest. The onsie shown in photo is a 12month size. Line up the neck edge with the bold line on template and place a target sticker in the center whole of template. Follow the directions for remaining onsies and use appropriate size template for each.onsie11BL

Next week we will discuss the continuing steps.

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