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Let’s Get to the Point!

Designs in Machine Embroidery

Join Deborah Jones and me tomorrow (8/9/2019) on Facebook Live at 1:00 CST for the scoop on needles!  You’ll be amazed at the information Deborah will share.  Every time I hear Deborah do a presentation, I always come away with valuable tips that I immediately apply to my embroidery projects.  I’m confident you’ll feel the same after tomorrow’s Live session.  To watch, log onto Facebook and head over to our page @designsinmachineembroidery at 1:00 PM CST.

I hope you’ll join us because it’s always more fun with a crowd!

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  • Sue L

    Won’t be able to watch it live cause I gotta work (sigh). But, I plan to catch up and watch the video this weekend.

  • Jan

    Please explain the difference between “stretch” and “Ballpoint” needles. Thank you

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