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Holiday Gift #4: Vintage Clutch Collection!

Today we unveiled our Holiday Gift #4: our vintage clutch collection! With this collection you can create timeless, boutique-style clutches on your embroidery machine.

Watch the broadcast below to see Eileen talk in detail on this thoughtful gift idea:

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  • Malah Peterson

    Is the pattern for the purses available without buying the whole kit? I have a bunch of that thicker vintage thread.

  • Karen Snipes

    I purchased the Vintage Clutch Collection I and last night was my time to sew. I had so many problems with the stitching with the 15 wt thread…I used the needles that was in the kit, I put stabilizer on the back and a wash away stabilizer on the front..My thread broke many many times and the thread that came with it was not correct. I had 2 Terra Cotta and 2 Asparagus and was missing Tranquil Blue and Soft Pink…I was a wreck when I finally finished one side so I quit..Please give me some feedback on what to do. Can I use regular embrodiery thread and still get a nice looking purse???? I used embroidery thread for the missing thread and to put both of the threads together does not look good…I need your help on this one..

  • Bedwell

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