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Now’s a good time get your new Snap Hoop Monster out of the box and apply the rulers. Here’s a quick solution for precision placement of the adhesive rulers on your Snap Hoop Monster magnetic frame. Download the Crosshair design (click here) and send it to your machine.

Hoop stabilizer in Snap Hoop Monster.  Align the top frame with the bottom frame. Attach the hoop to the machine. Select the Crosshair design and stitch it in black (or other dark thread).   Make sure you do not move the design before you stitch it.

Remove the hoop from the machine and place it on a flat work surface.

With PAL

If you have Perfect Alignment Laser (PAL), turn on PAL and align the beams with a cutting mat or the DIME hoop mat.

Place the hoop under PAL.  Align the stitched crosshair with the laser beam.

The beam will extend over the frame. Remove the protective paper from the wrong side of the rulers. Place the rulers on the frame, centering the zero on each beam.

Firmly press the rulers to the frame.  Trim the excess off the ends. Done!

Without PAL

Use a ruler to extend each leg of the stitched crosshair to the frame.

Remove the protective paper from the wrong side of the ruler. Place the ruler’s zero mark at the extended crosshair.  Press the ruler to the frame.

Join me Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM CDT on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.  We have lots to talk about and I can’t wait to share some of the April #DimeDoors that you’ve been stitching! See at 1:00 tomorrow!





  • Colleen

    What a great idea! Thank you. I have been using mine for years and have just never found the time to put the rulers on – you know – using it always takes precedent! Now is a great time! Okay, so now I have to remember between now and going upstairs to my sewing room. A lot can happen between now and then. Keep healthy and thank you for all the wonderful products. Hope this season spurs your creativity!

    • eileenroche

      Thank you for your kind words, Colleen. Hope you’ll join me on Facebook Live tomorrow!

  • Lynda

    I sorta messed up trying to apply the rulers – are are replacements available?
    Love my hooping mat.

    • eileenroche

      Hi Lynda, Replacement rulers are available for purchase. Please reach out to or call 1-888-739-0555.

  • Maria

    Are replacements in inches? Thank you!

  • eileenroche

    Hi Maria,
    Replacement rulers in inches are available by request. Please reach out to or call 1-888-739-0555.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I don’t have the Monster Hoop but have several of the other Snap Hoops. I notice that after years of use the rulers are starting to decay. Where can I get replacement rulers? I have even looked on your shop site and they are not available there.

  • eileenroche


    The rulers are not on the website as they are replacement parts. Please reach out to or call 1-888-739-0555 on how to order.

  • Linda

    Where are the crosshair downloads for the 8 x 8 and 9.5 x 14 hoops?

    • Debbie Vance

      You can use the 4×4 file for the 8×8 hoop and you can use the 6×10 file for the 9.5×14 hoop.

    • Victoria Brumfield

      i also need the crosshair download for the 9,5×14 hoop the other didnt line up right

  • Debbie Vance

    Thanks for this post and for providing the crosshairs files! I’ve had an 8×8 Snap Hoop for awhile and just recently bought the 4×4 and 9.5×14 Snap Hoops but hadn’t gotten around to attaching the rulers, thinking it would be a hassle. After seeing your blog and crosshair files I got all three hoops very quickly!

  • Marianne

    I’ve purchased and received the 5×7 magnetic snap hoop for Janome 500e. The crosshairs sewed slightly to the left of centre, though the pictures on the paper guide and on here all look like it’s intentional. Is that correct?

  • Dianne W

    Hi, I purchased the monster hoop 9.5″x14″ and I cannot find the Crosshairs downloads. Can you tell me where to locate it?
    Thank you,

  • Donna Smith

    Help, I cant find how or where to download the crosshairs design

  • Thread Trails

    I just purchased the 9 1/2 x 14 snap hoop for my Baby Lock Destiny 2 and I when I went to to download the crosshair design there was not one for that size. Please advise.

  • Laura Grotenhuis

    I have just gotten the monster hoop for the Janome 5×7.
    Which crosshairs do I use to apply the rulers to my hoop. There is only 4×4 and 6×10. I am concerned that the 6×10 might try to stitch on the frame itself.

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