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Hello Embroidery Friends!

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Today we had a great time with Eileen’s guest, Inspiration Consultant Tina Bartelmay. Eileen & Tina shared some nifty tricks for text and fabric manipulation! We also finally revealed our May #dimedoor! Get to stitching and catch up on all the other #dimedoors when you CLICK HERE.

Watch how Eileen put this special tribute to our heroes and heroines together below.

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  • Susan

    I have been awaiting the May door and have already started stitching it out. However, I think that there may be a problem at the step when the red background for the “emergency” should be printed. It racks down, but then does not sew the satin stitch. Is there a fix?

    • Trish Bishop

      Mine worked fine

  • Kathleen Williams

    I have really enjoyed all of the doors but I won’t have the heart to stitch out the May door. We have lost members of our church and have watched the suffering around us. Living in Seattle area the epidemic has been too close to home. It is a lovely tribute to the heroes but it will not be a door I add to my collection. It would be nice if there was an alternative door for others who feel as I do.

    • Penny

      I am so glad to see that there are others that feel as I do. I was expecting flowers, or a tribute to moms for Mother’s Day, something to take our minds off what we have been living for months now. I think I will skip the May door as well. I loved the April door, so it will have an extended stay in our shop. Please do an alternate door for us!

  • Karen Gurecki

    I’m very disappointed in the May door. I was so hoping for something uplifting, as this has been a terrible time for so many. I will not be stitching out an emergency room door. There is no way I want to look at that for a full month and be reminded of what people have suffered through.

    • Kathleen Williams

      I feel the same. There has been so much sorrow and suffering. I will not need a door to remember or to appreciate all the heroes during this terrible time

  • nola zikkos

    I agree with the disapointment with the choice for the May door .I was also hoping for flowers and mother’s day. I have been stitching them all out with the thought to make a wall hanging out of the 12 designs. However I do not want to be reminded of all the sadness and losses. please make an alternate door so we can choose.

  • Brenda Sutton


  • Carla

    I have to say I’m sad to see how many comments of disappointment in the May door. I certainly have my share of loss and understand the feelings. However, it is a door and the theme of this project is doors. I think we can thank Eileen for her efforts and for giving us a fun and free project all year. I will be stitching the door. Thank you Eileen!

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  • Amy Ali

    I see that the June Door has been revealed – but I have looked and looked and do not see where to go to download this months door – HELP – and thank you – this is a wonderful project.

    • Arlene Acton

      I have been looking for the June door as well but cannot locate. Please help.

  • Mary Heaton

    I must say I understand the sentiment of many people regarding the May door. However, as a nurse spending many hours there, it has become my second home and this block a memory of all the people I have helped. Yes, there have been many heart aches, I have had them too. But I cannot erase or ignore the memory of what is going on. It reminds me of the loss, the strength of people, and my second home.

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