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If you missed today’s YouTube and Facebook Live broadcast, you missed an informative session with Deborah Jones on how to set yourself up for success in every embroidery project. Deborah, the creator of the popular Embroidery Compass, shared how she approaches embroidery – it’s all about fabric properties and design particulars. In today’s broadcast, she covered cut-away, tear-away and specialty stabilizers along with the how and why to use each one. Viewers had tons of comments and questions which Deborah happily addressed. You can watch it anytime – whenever you can fit it into your schedule. Just go to Facebook, Designs in Machine Embroidery and click on Videos. You’ll find the most recent live braodcast at the top of the list. Same with YouTube.

And of course, it was the August #Dime Door reveal! Jump over to the website to get your August door. You can download the August door here:

Next week, I’ll show how to use the door files to make a quilt. Like our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of the next live broadcast.

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  • j everest

    I saw on facebook about your free projects for the door series. Trying to find it and can’t – especially the lake one. Absolutely adorable.

    I have numerous DIME projects and equipment. Just order my third Monster Snap Hoops. OMG – what a game changer. Please keep up the great work. You should know how much we embroidery people love your project and products.. Thanks so much

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