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Did you miss the Live session today?  No worries, just click on the video to watch on YouTube.

Deborah Jones gave us a tour of her home sewing studio and discussed some interesting information concerning face masks.  During the Live session, I promised to share some technical information of CDC-approved face masks. This link was provided to me by a member of the medical profession.  You can read the entire document here:

You’ll find the CDC’s updated guidelines for mask usage,  how surgical masks are made, the required testing for masks and the steps needed to become a manufacturer.

With all that being said, the medical community is asking for our help to make masks – even though they won’t meet CDC requirements. And I know how generous the sewing community is when it comes to needs such as this. I suggest looking for patterns provided by your local hospital. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, consider using a stabilizer made of polypropylene – the same substrate required by the CDC. Poly Pro Performance stabilizer is made of polypropylene.  You can learn about it by clicking here.

Thanks for joining us today  and mark your calendars for next Thursday at 1:00 PM CDT.



How to Apply Rulers on Snap Hoop Monster

Now’s a good time get your new Snap Hoop Monster out of the box and apply the rulers. Here’s a quick solution for precision placement of the adhesive rulers on your Snap Hoop Monster magnetic frame. Download the Crosshair design (click here) and send it to your machine.

Hoop stabilizer in Snap Hoop Monster.  Align the top frame with the bottom frame. Attach the hoop to the machine. Select the Crosshair design and stitch it in black (or other dark thread).   Make sure you do not move the design before you stitch it.

Remove the hoop from the machine and place it on a flat work surface.

With PAL

If you have Perfect Alignment Laser (PAL), turn on PAL and align the beams with a cutting mat or the DIME hoop mat.

Place the hoop under PAL.  Align the stitched crosshair with the laser beam.

The beam will extend over the frame. Remove the protective paper from the wrong side of the rulers. Place the rulers on the frame, centering the zero on each beam.

Firmly press the rulers to the frame.  Trim the excess off the ends. Done!

Without PAL

Use a ruler to extend each leg of the stitched crosshair to the frame.

Remove the protective paper from the wrong side of the ruler. Place the ruler’s zero mark at the extended crosshair.  Press the ruler to the frame.

Join me Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM CDT on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.  We have lots to talk about and I can’t wait to share some of the April #DimeDoors that you’ve been stitching! See at 1:00 tomorrow!


Quilting LIVE with a Special Guest!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We hope you enjoyed today’s LIVE session with special guest Becky Thompson! We had a lot of fun sewing our giant quilt with the help of the Weightless Quilter, revealing our new April #dimedoor, and sharing tips with Becky.

Eileen took the reigns as director of this live and did a great job! Catch the rebroadcast below:

Download ALL the previous #dimedoors and the NEW April door HERE.

Create your best quilting yet when you hop onto our Weightless Quilter deal using promo code FREESHIPWQ for FREE shipping up to $15! Plus get the Perfect Placement Quilt Templates Bundle completely FREE. CLICK HERE.


April Door Reveal

I’m wrapping up National Quilting Month with quilting projects: one large and one small. I’m quilting a large – and I mean – large quilt! It’s 90″ x 90″ and I’m quilting it on my embroidery machine. I spent weekends in March piecing Red Ribbons by Kaffe Fassett and added extra borders as the original size of Red Ribbons is 68″ x 68″.  You can find the pattern in his Quilts in America book.

Truth be told, when I’m piecing a quilt, all I think about is the next step – the quilting – as that’s my favorite part of quilting!  I love seeing the design come to life and watching the quilt morph into a dimensional, cozy quilt sandwich.  The texture of the quilt completely changes as the stitches are added and the end of the task comes into view.  It’s motivating!

But there are quite a few challenges along the way – like what design to select, what hoop to use and how to handle the bulk of the quilt.  Tomorrow, on Facebook Live you can watch the process as I’ll be quilting the second half of the quilt.  I finished the first half this past weekend.  Come see for yourself how you can handle a 90″ x 90″ quilt on single needle embroidery machine!

And…meet Becky Thompson, from San Antionio, TX, my guest on tomorrow’s Live session. Becky is the force behind Power Tools with Thread (fun name wouldn’t you agree?). She’s so passionate about machine embroidery, I just had to introduce her to you.  We’re going to have fun because she’s going to be quilting an Edge to Edge design in her studio while I’m quilting in my studio!  Join us at 1:00 CST PM on Facebook Live!

But wait there’s more!  My small quilting project is the big reveal of the April Door!  If you’ve been looking for a breath of spring – you’ll find it in the April Door. I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow on Facebook Live.  See you at 1:00 PM CST on March 26, 2020.


Hoops, Cheater Quilts, and LACE

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We hope you all are staying safe, healthy, and creative! We had an absolutely wonderful time with our good friend Reen Wilcoxson of Embroidery Garden today on our live session. We talked about her collaboration with DIME’s My Lace Maker software on her lace collection, her new space, all the new monster hoop sizes, the ways you get to “cheat” with a cheater quilt, and more!! We even had a giveaway (;

If you missed us live and need something fun to do while at home, watch our rebroadcast below!

Snap Hoop Monsters and Cheater Quilts on sale now HERE.

For our Hoop Compatibility Chart CLICK HERE.

Now is the perfect time to catch up on your #DIMEDOORS! If you missed stitching January through March, CLICK HERE. If you didn’t see your door shown on one of our lives yet or would like to again, make sure you post your door onto YOUR personal page with hashtags #dimedoor and #dimesewalong so we can find you!

Most of our recent events have been postponed to later this year. Please check out our Inspired by Dime website for details when you CLICK HERE.

Next week, we will have special guest and renowned YouTuber, Becky Thompson. We can’t wait to chat with her and share more amazing embroidery with all of you.

Happy Stitching!


LIVE with Special Guest Reen Wilcoxson!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We hope you’re staying safe and cozy in your homes during this unprecedented time. What better way to take a load off your mind with something fun and worthwhile then by joining our live as we bring on our very special guest, Reen Wilcoxson!

Reen is the founder of Embroidery Garden and she is an absolutely brilliant creator for embroidery enthusiasts everywhere. We will discuss her lace collection, our #dimedoors, HOOPS, and so much more!

Follow Embroidery Garden on Facebook HERE.

Make sure you’re following DIME on Facebook and YouTube so you won’t miss out on all the fun!

See you tomorrow at 1:00 PM CST !

Special Live with Christine Conner & Ashley Jones!

Hello Embroidery Friends!

Today we we expanded on National Quilting Month with a VERY special LIVE  joined by innovator Christine Conner of Amelie Scott Designs and our brilliant educator Ashley Jones! We revealed more March #dimedoors, talked everything quilting, answered more of your Snap Hoop Monster Questions, and SO much more! It was fantastic!

Grab a notepad, invite a friend, and prepare to learn from the best of the best ! 🤩🎉🥰

Special offer on Micro Fonts going on for a limited time only now! CLICK HERE.

Get Embroidery Tool Shed HERE.

Subscribe to Ashley’s YouTube channel HERE.

Happy National Quilting Month!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

March is National Quilting Month and to celebrate we’re kicking it off by discussing our best selling Snap Hoop Monsters! We will show you how easy it is to quilt inside the hoop with your embroidery machine, answer your snap hoop questions, and reveal the first round of March #dimedoors!

Take advantage of our special offer on ALL our hooping systems going on NOW for a limited time only HERE. Use code FSHIPSHM36 for FREE shipping up to $15 in the US!

Today was particularly special because right after our live we guest starred on LIVE with Blaine Austin to discuss exciting upcoming events and learned some new information on Eileen’s beginnings in embroidery.

Check out below!

How to Select Quilting Designs

I’ll bet you have a quilt top or two waiting to be layered and quilting. I know I do. Join me tomorrow at 1:00 PM CST on Facebook Live and I’ll share some guidelines on how to select quilting designs. I’ll discuss the difference between overall quilting and custom quilting and when to choose one over the other. 

Bring your quilting questions and let’s get those quilt tops transformed into finished quilts!  See you on Facebook Live or YouTube.

Embroidery Tool Shed and March Door Reveal!

Hello Embroidery Friends!

Today we had a LOT going on! We finally unveiled our March #dimedoor for our #dimesewalong (SEW cute) and walked through our brand new software tool, Embroidery Tool Shed! As innovators we are constantly trying new things, especially with our technology, and sometimes with that there are a few technical difficulties so please excuse those errors in our live video! Overall it was a great live and we can’t wait for you to watch, learn, laugh with us at the mishaps, and enjoy the reveal !

Download the Embroidery Tool Shed HERE.

Download the new MARCH dime door HERE.

Want to catch up on the first two doors for January and February? CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget we have some AMAZING events coming up very soon so make sure you sign up quick! Here is a list of the ones closest on the calendar:

Paula’s Fine Fabrics- Feb 28-29 with Tina Bartelmay in Jacksonville, FL

Plano Sewing Center March 6-7 with Aine McCarthy in Plano, TX

Quilts and Lace March 6-7 with Ashley Jones in Melbourne, FL

Sewing Center of Santa Fe March 13-14 with Tina Bartelmay in Santa Fe, NM

Allbrands March 20-21 with Lisa Knight in San Antonio, TX

Greens Sewing & Vaccum March 20-21 with Sheryl Burnette in Medford, OR

AAA Sewing & Fabric March 28-29 with Sheryl Burnette in Lomita, CA

Jackman’s Fabrics March 28-29 with Ashley Jones in Fairview Heights, IL

Happy Stitching!

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