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Quilting LIVE with a Special Guest!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We hope you enjoyed today’s LIVE session with special guest Becky Thompson! We had a lot of fun sewing our giant quilt with the help of the Weightless Quilter, revealing our new April #dimedoor, and sharing tips with Becky.

Eileen took the reigns as director of this live and did a great job! Catch the rebroadcast below:

Download ALL the previous #dimedoors and the NEW April door HERE.

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Hoops, Cheater Quilts, and LACE

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We hope you all are staying safe, healthy, and creative! We had an absolutely wonderful time with our good friend Reen Wilcoxson of Embroidery Garden today on our live session. We talked about her collaboration with DIME’s My Lace Maker software on her lace collection, her new space, all the new monster hoop sizes, the ways you get to “cheat” with a cheater quilt, and more!! We even had a giveaway (;

If you missed us live and need something fun to do while at home, watch our rebroadcast below!

Snap Hoop Monsters and Cheater Quilts on sale now HERE.

For our Hoop Compatibility Chart CLICK HERE.

Now is the perfect time to catch up on your #DIMEDOORS! If you missed stitching January through March, CLICK HERE. If you didn’t see your door shown on one of our lives yet or would like to again, make sure you post your door onto YOUR personal page with hashtags #dimedoor and #dimesewalong so we can find you!

Most of our recent events have been postponed to later this year. Please check out our Inspired by Dime website for details when you CLICK HERE.

Next week, we will have special guest and renowned YouTuber, Becky Thompson. We can’t wait to chat with her and share more amazing embroidery with all of you.

Happy Stitching!


LIVE with Special Guest Reen Wilcoxson!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We hope you’re staying safe and cozy in your homes during this unprecedented time. What better way to take a load off your mind with something fun and worthwhile then by joining our live as we bring on our very special guest, Reen Wilcoxson!

Reen is the founder of Embroidery Garden and she is an absolutely brilliant creator for embroidery enthusiasts everywhere. We will discuss her lace collection, our #dimedoors, HOOPS, and so much more!

Follow Embroidery Garden on Facebook HERE.

Make sure you’re following DIME on Facebook and YouTube so you won’t miss out on all the fun!

See you tomorrow at 1:00 PM CST !

Happy National Quilting Month!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

March is National Quilting Month and to celebrate we’re kicking it off by discussing our best selling Snap Hoop Monsters! We will show you how easy it is to quilt inside the hoop with your embroidery machine, answer your snap hoop questions, and reveal the first round of March #dimedoors!

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Today was particularly special because right after our live we guest starred on LIVE with Blaine Austin to discuss exciting upcoming events and learned some new information on Eileen’s beginnings in embroidery.

Check out below!

Special Techniques with Mylar!

It’s still National Embroidery Month so we’re continuing with our special technique series. Were you able to catch us live today discussing the wonderful world of Mylar ?? Don’t worry, you can catch up on the rebroadcast below! We went over the extra pizzazz Mylar gives your projects while answering some of your questions on the technique, exciting events coming up that might be near you, and more February #dimedoors! Next week we reveal the March door so I hope you’ve been stitching!

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Happy Stitching!

Touring America’s Most Attractive Quilt Shop

It was so much fun touring the oh-so unique Quiltique shop! Going live at a different location (on a phone at that!) is bound to have mishaps but luckily we were able to transition our tour into two parts fairly smoothly! To find events like this one and more near you, visit our site HERE. This special live is only available on our Facebook but we will be back to streaming to both Facebook and YouTube next week. We can’t wait to show off all the February #dimedoors you all have been stitching for our #dimesewalong!

Watch Parts One and Two below to see why Quiltique is America’s most attractive quilt shop!

Part One:

Part Two:

Love is in the air and with all the embroidering going on this year, we’d all love some direction! 🥰

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Quiltique Tour!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

Tomorrow will be a special day. Eileen will be in Henderson, Nevada giving a personal tour of one of our Inspirations dealers: Quiltique! We are having one of our beloved Lace events there with our educator Lisa Knight.

image via


Eileen will be showing off awe-inspiring samples, show you around the store, and introduce you to Quiltique’s owners. You will be able to follow Eileen in real time as she guides you through one of her many embroidery adventures. This special will only be LIVE on Facebook so we hope you have “liked” and followed our page HERE. She will be live at 1pm CST and 11 AM PST. Who knows what other surprise may pop up!

See you soon!

Let’s Talk National Embroidery Month !

Hey Embroidery Friends!

It’s February and that means it’s National Embroidery Month! This month we will focus on specialty techniques starting on tomorrow’s LIVE where we will highlight puffy foam!

So join us tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 pm CST on either Facebook or YouTube to learn the ins and outs of puffy foam-selecting the right foam, threads, and finishing details. We’ll walk you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and share some of the February #dimedoors from our #dimesewalong! It’ll be a great time.

See you there!

Handbags-As Good As Ever!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

Today we had an AWESOME live discussing the timeless flair of designer handbags. We also revealed more January door projects, showed throwbacks with Nancy Zieman, announced new events, and more!

If you missed all the fun earlier, watch the rebroadcast below!

Learn how to create your own flawless designer handbags when you grab this great deal on both of our Designer Handbags books! Use code FSDHBB124 for FREE shipping in the U.S. for up to $10 when you CLICK HERE.

Hope to see you next time!



Finish Those Quilt Tops LIVE

Happy Thursday Embroidery Friends!

Today we had our best LIVE yet! It was so much fun engaging with all of you and Eileen loved answering all of your questions. We also featured more of your #dimedoors for our #dimesewalong ! The creativity is inspiring. Check out the video below to see for yourself and get some questions you may have about magnetic hoops and quilting answered!

Need assistance applying your ruler to your Monster frame? Download the cross hair embroidery designs by CLICKING HERE.

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See you next Thursday at 1pm CST!

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