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Our Number One Holiday Gift: Monogrammed Pajamas

Today we revealed our final and favorite Holiday gift; Monogrammed Pajamas! This gift list has been SEW much fun and we’re happy to end it with such a lovable and cozy idea.

Missed today’s live? No worries! Catch up  when you watch below.

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Buffalo Plaid? It’s Everywhere!

If you’ve been looking for blanks to embroider this holiday season, chances are you found many options and 90% of them are buffalo plaid!  Whether it’s pillows, kitchen towels, throws, potholders or garments, it’s plaid!  Buffalo plaid offers some challenges for the embroiderer because of the combination of color (most likely red and black) and the high probability of it being a textured fabric.  But embroiderers have ammunition in their arsenal to overcome these potentially troublesome fabric features.

Embroidery expert Deborah Jones will be joining me tomorrow on Facebook Live and we’ll be sharing some tips for tackling tricky fabrics including buffalo plaid.  We’ll show how to keep your embroidery above the loft on nubby fabrics.   We’ll also discuss tips for making your embroidery stitches front and center on bold prints.  In addition, we’ll look at stretchy knits (a crowd favorite fabric) and how to avoid sinking stitches.  Finally, we’ll discuss embroidering on heavy bulky fabrics.

And if you’re wondering, I used all these tips in making gift #2 on my Holiday Gift Making list. Join me at 1:00 PM CST on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 where you’ll see gift #2 on Facebook or YouTube. Bring your embroidery questions,  Deborah and I will be happy to help you have a successful holiday stitching season.  See you there!

Holiday Gift #3: Stitch Swag!

Hey Embroidery Friends!

Number three on our Holiday Gift Countdown has been my favorite so far; Stitch Swag!! These small, in the hoop projects are a perfect gift for anyone in the family or your friends!

Watch our LIVE video below to see the rest of these swagged out stitches!

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Until we return, grab a stitch swag collection (or two)  while they’re on special and get FREE shipping up to $10 using code SHIPMYSWAG when you CLICK HERE.

Holiday Gift #4: Vintage Clutch Collection!

Today we unveiled our Holiday Gift #4: our vintage clutch collection! With this collection you can create timeless, boutique-style clutches on your embroidery machine.

Watch the broadcast below to see Eileen talk in detail on this thoughtful gift idea:

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Counting Down to Our Gift #4 Reveal

Hey Embroidery Friends!

We’ve been having a great time here at DIME gathering and unveiling our Holiday Gift list. Tomorrow we’re excited to share our fourth gift on the list which is……well you will have to tune into our Facebook Live tomorrow to find out!

Join us on Facebook or YouTube (you will need to subscribe to our channel Dzgns on YouTube) at 1:00pm cst to watch the live broadcast as we share gift #4 and answer any questions you may have!

We look forward to interacting with you and helping you with your holiday gift list this year. See you soon!

Top 10 Gift List: #2

It’s holiday prep time!  Last week, I revealed the first of my top 10 gifts for the holiday season. You’ll get a sneak peek of each project on Wednesdays and a lesson on Facebook Live the following day, Thursdays at 1:00 CST.  Last week, I featured embroidered jewelry.  Tomorrow, it’s an eyeglass case.

All the ladies on your gift list can use an eyeglass case for prescription specs, readers or sunny shades.  I’m tackling this task in multiples as you can see here.

Join me tomorrow at 1:00 CST on Facebook Live for the how-to. You can use an embroidery machine or skip the hoop altogether.  I’m sure you know what method I chose!  I’ll show you how to sew the outer bag and lining, box the corners, sew and ‘birth’ the bag.  Then I’ll share my tricks for inserting it into a metal frame.  Hope to see you there because it’s always more fun when you participate!

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If you’re not a Facebook user, you can watch the rebroadcast here on the blog late Thursdays or Friday morning.


2019 Top 10 Gifts Countdown

It’s holiday prep time!  On Wednesdays for the next 10 weeks, I’ll reveal my top 10 gifts for the holiday season. You’ll get a sneak peek of each project on Wednesdays and a lesson on Facebook Live the following day, Thursdays at 1:00 CST.

What tops my list this year? Embroidered jewelry. It couldn’t be trendier than right now!  Stop at the jewelry counter of any department store and you’ll find fringe earrings, stitched feathers and lacy danglers in all colors and sizes.

Join me at 1:00 CST tomorrow on Facebook Live for Charm School!  You’ll learn everything you need to know to make fringe earrings or necklaces. I’ll cover the sizing, stabilizer and jewelry findings.

You’ll get a head start on your holiday stitching and be amazed at how easy it is to make fringe earrings! Perfect for all the ladies on your gift list.

Flamingo Navidad

Flocking around the flamingo tree on this happy holiday!

The Volume 113 Nov/Dec issue features instructions for making the Beaded Flamingo card.  The instructions on the blog will cover how to make the Feather & Sequined Flamingo and the Felt Wing Flamingo.

All cards use the Fabulous Flamingo collection.  Perfect Embroidery Pro was used for making modifications to the design.

Feather & Sequined Flamingo

The embroidery design technique is the same as the Beaded Flamingo.  If you missed the steps in the magazine, follow along here.  Otherwise, scroll down to the Embellishing section within this blog.

Overview:  The goal is to replace the fill stitches for the main part of the flamingo body with an outline stitch.  The original design does not have an outline but we will create one in Perfect Embroidery Pro.

At the Computer
Open Birds of a Feather-17 in Perfect Embroidery Pro.

Delete the text:  “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Select the second thread color in the sequence, Bashful Pink.  This is the main part of the flamingo body.

With the second thread color still selected, right click.  Select Utility.  Create Outline.

A new window appears.

Change the default from .08 to .00.  Click Apply.  There’s now an artwork outline around the flamingo body.  Note, this is artwork, not stitches.  I changed the color to a dark purple so you can see the outline a little better in the screenshot.

Delete the original color 2.  Then rearrange the color sequence so the outline of the flamingo body is now the second thread color in the sequence.

Change the Color to Bashful Pink.

With the artwork selected, right click.  Select Convert To / Run.  Click Apply.

In the Properties box, select Bean and click Apply.

Save the design in the appropriate machine format and send to the embroidery machine.

Hoop a piece of felt in a 5” x 7” hoop.  Stitch the design.  Trim the flamingo leaving 1/8” of felt all around the flamingo.


For this flamingo, I opted for the Pink Glitter Glue.  Based on my earlier testing, the glue does secure sequins.  But it does take longer for the glue to dry.  No problem!

I applied the glitter glue to the entire flamingo.  The photo shows a conservative amount but I did add more.  I wasn’t concerned about applying glue to the entire flamingo at once.  The glue takes awhile to dry.

Apply the sequins, one by one.  The packaging I purchased included three different sizes of sequins.  I used all three sizes for variety.  While it might strike you as tedious to attach each sequin, not everything is created in an instant.  Some things do take time.

Once I filled the flamingo with sequins, I did a spot check to see if there were any open spaces.  I added more sequins.  I even layered them because you really can’t have too many sequins.

Next, I decided a feather would be the perfect finishing touch but when I auditioned it, I discovered the pink was not the right shade.

Fabric spray paint is the solution!  This is the tricky part.  Don’t get overly excited when spraying the feather.  You will drench it and make a mess.

Instead, be judicious.  Gently apply the spray paint to the feather.  Take your time.  The flamingo that wins the race is not always the fastest. I sprayed two feathers to give me options.

Let the feathers dry.  Then attach the most appropriate feather using FabricTac glue or for faster results, attach with a hot glue gun.

Use some rhinestones to create a necklace (and hide the area where you attached the feather.

Finishing the Card

Select a fun card stock to create your card.  The words “Flamingo Navidad” were created in Adobe Photoshop Elements with font, AR BONNIE.  The font is also found in Microsoft Word.  Use your favorite font style and program to create your own text.  Place additional embellishments as desired.

Use a hot glue gun to secure the flamingo embroidery to the card.


Fabulous Flamingo cards are sure to make everyone smile!  Give them to family, friends and coworkers.  Make a stack and deliver them to shut-ins and nursing home residents.  You’ll have as much fun making them as you’ll have seeing everyone’s reactions when they receive them.

Purchase the design collection here.

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