Celebration Quilt – Block of the Month 2019

Quilt designed by PJ Wong of PJ Designs

Master piecing and quilting in the hoop with this year long quilt-along. The blocks will be featured in Designs in Machine Embroidery beginning with Volume 114 Jan/Feb 2019. Every issue will feature 3 new blocks. The content, including the embroidery designs are free to access and download on this blog. Plus, YouTube video tutorials are available. Check this page for up to date information.

At the end of the Block of the Month, we will provide instructions to finish the quilt and we’ll even share some quilting designs!

When you’re ready to take the leap, give My Block Piecer software a try. Learn more about the software by visiting Inspired by dime.

Read the introduction here.

Yardage Requirements: Use the fabrics you already have to learn and experiment with this Block of the Month! Click here to download the Yardage Requirements. Or, order the fabric from My Fabric Designs. Click here for details.

Block 1: Written instructions
Block 1: YouTube Video instructions

Block 2: Written instructions
Block 2: YouTube Video instructions

Block 3: Written instructions
Block 3 YouTube Video instructions

Block of the Month, Celebration Quilt

Block 4:  Written instructions
Block 4: YouTube Video instructions








Block 5:  Written instructions
Block 5: YouTube Video instructions








Block 6:  Written instructions
Block 6: YouTube Video instructions