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  1. Designs in Machine Embroidery has the best variety of projects!
    You’ll find a broad range of projects including clothing, quilts, crafts and home décor. You’ll find projects to fit your busy or leisurely schedule. 

  2. Designs in Machine Embroidery is for all skill levels and machine brands
    There’s nothing more satisfying than mastering new embroidery skills and techniques! Plus, learn how to maximize the features in the machines and equipment you currently own. 

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    We give you our best! Every issue features the best in projects, step-by-step instructions and photos. Plus, every issue is delivered in a polybag ready for you to unwrap and enjoy!  Learn from the most talented embroidery experts in the industry, including Nancy Zieman, Eileen Roche, Deborah Jones, Katherine Artines and more!

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