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Software Saturday

It’s exciting to hear so many of you are anxious to receive the link to update your G7 Solutions software program. I thought I would take this opportunity to address many of your questions.

1. How can I be Inspired? How can I get the download link?

The link will come in a joint email from your dealer and DIME and will contain a form to fill out. Once completed and submitted online, you will be given a link to download the software when we have identified the dealer that is closest to you. When you receive the email, it will look similar to this – a joint message from DIME and your local dealer.



As you scroll down the email, you’ll spot a large blue box.



Clicking on this link will take you to a form. Fill out the form and click on the Submit button.



Once you click on Submit, a message appears with instructions. I’ve highlighted two important points – you’ll receive the download via email and a reminder to check your spam folder.



The email will list the appropriate links. Click on each link to download. If the links are not active (you cannot click on it) in the email, your anti-virus software is blocking the link from working. Turn off your anti-virus program for about 15 min. You will then find the link is active. You can also try to copy and paste the complete link into your browser.


2. Should I save or run the program when I click on that link?

We suggest that you save the file into a folder that you call My Special Files (or a name you choose).



It’s a large file, so please be patient while it downloads.


After you download/save the file into the selected folder, go to the folder and double click on the file….and you will be Inspired!

If your anti-virus software is active, you may receive an alert because this is an executable file, designated by the .exe extension. Most likely you have encountered this message on an earlier occasion when you installed a new software program.


To proceed, click on Allow this File.



And click on OK to install the program.



Once installed, fill out the registration form. If the submit button is greyed out make sure all required areas are filled in.

Is this the computer that has a registered Floriani software program on it? You must have a registered version (registered prior to August 1, 2014) of the software in order for Inspiration Software to install properly.

3. Is the software name correctly chosen in the top box? Use the down arrow for the dropdown selection (if provided) to select your proper software name.

4. Will the Inspiration Software do anything to my computer, or previously-installed software programs?

No. Inspiration Software will not do anything other than to create additional icons on your desktop so that you can easily be Inspired!

5. Is there a deadline to update? No, there is no deadline.

6. Do I have to update? No, you do not have to choose…..the Inspiration Update is free to registered owners of Floriani software (registered prior to August 1, 2014). Take one or take both….. no pressure…..Be Inspired!

Exciting times like this involve the coordinated efforts of many people – including your local dealer. Dealers are really busy people so they and we, appreciate your patience as we continue to grow out network.  More Inspiration to come – every Saturday!





Multi-Needle Monday – Centering on Quick-Snap

Recently, my Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno, showed me how she quickly centers an item on Quick-Snap. Since the Jnaome, Baby Lock or Brother multi-needle machines do not recognize Quick-Snap, it’s up to the user to ‘embroider responsibly’. Embroidering responsibly means taking complete control of the machine and telling it what to do instead of letting the machine tell you what it can do. When you attach a Quick-Snap frame, be aware of the size of the frame opening and the design you are trying to fit into that space because the machine thinks a large hoop is attached. Always select a frame that is at least 1” larger than the design and trace the design before actually stitching.

Here’s Marie’s tip on the easiest way to center the design. Select your design (1” smaller than the frame) and attach just the bottom frame to the machine. Retrieve the design and trace the design watching where the embroidery foot will travel. In the image below, you can see the first needle is dropped during the tracing motion. This needle is your indication of where all the needles will travel during all colors of the design. QS1
If it looks like the foot will clear the frame, you’re in good shape.
If not, use the positioning keys on the screen to move the design and retrace. QS3
Touch the camera icon on the screen and a view of what the needle sees appears on the screen. QS4
I have a target sticker designating the center of my design on a knit ski cap so I slid the hat over the frame.
On the screen, I watched as I move the hat to align the target sticker with the machine’s green crosshair. Perfect! QS6
I attached the acrylic top, dropped the magnets in place. QS7
How sweet is that? Thanks Marie!

So what do you do if you don’t have the camera? If you don’t have the camera, follow all the steps above but instead of using the camera to align the crosshair, use the needle. Slide the hat over the frame and position the target sticker directly under the needle (the one in the dropped position), verify the crosshair is square to the frame and trace one more time. (If you don’t have the camera and it’s available for your machine, I strongly suggesting upgrading, it’s a worthwhile investment.) If the camera isn’t available for your machine take comfort in the fact that you’ll be a more skilled embroiderer.

Software Saturday – View Applique in Color or Fabric

Last week, we left off with auditioning crazy quilt stitches on a Dresden plate bloc in My Quilt Embellisher.

If the colors of the appliques on this default Dresden plate are not your favorites, then by all means change them! CQ12_2
Let’s start with the color of the first applique. In the sequence view, you’ll notice the first color is peach, color 14.
Left click on color chip 14 in the thread bar at the bottom of the screen. Select a color from the pop-up thread chart. Click OK. CQ12_4
I selected yellow and now the applique is a bright shade of yellow. CQ12_5You can continue to recolor the applique in this fashion or take it a step further and add fabric for a more realistic look. Select the applique section and click on the Fabric icon at the top tool bar. CQ12_6
You have dozens of fabrics to choose from the library. CQ12_7
Select a fabric, click ok and watch your applique come alive. You can select several applique sections at one time and colorize them as a group – with just one click. Or do it one by one to see a gradual change. You’ll have fun with this! CQ12_8
If you attended our webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 9, I’d like to personally thank you for sharing an evening with Tamara Evans and me. We appreciate your patience as we get our dealer network in place. I know many of you are anxious to receive your update so please know we are working diligently every day to make this happen!

The Unintended Double-Run

Many beginning embroiderers come across a common problem when digitizing a single run element in a design. On screen, everything looks perfect and when viewed through the slow re-draw feature this problem is often overlooked – until you stitch the design. This occurrence is the unintended two-ply run stitch.

I’m not a fan of a two-ply run stitch. I prefer a single run or if additional emphasis is needed, I go to a bean stitch. So when I digitize the single run and it stitches as a two-ply, I’m not too happy. But it’s a simple fix and one that can be detected before you stitch by using the zoom tool and paying close attention during the slow re-draw.

The unintended two-ply occurs because the stop and start points do not meet. Let’s take a look. Here’s my design that a just finished digitizing, a letter pennant. 2ply1

The pennant outline stitched twice during testing. To find the problem, zoom in on the start and stop point. 2014-07-29_20-38-04

Ah! The points are not aligned. Select the Shape tool. 2ply2A

Left click on the red stop point to expose the stitch node and slide the stop point down the stitch line. 2ply9

Left click on the blue node and move it down to align with the start point.2ply3

Slide the red stop point (the red circle) on top of the green start point.2ply4

Go to slow redraw and check your work. Easy fix, wouldn’t you agree?

Embroidering on Children’s Shirts

We received a message from Melinda on our Facebook page asking for some tips for embroidering on children’s shirts. Here are my top 10 tips for embellishing children’s shirts with machine embroidery.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

1. Keep it light. Kids hate stiff, itchy embroidery so select embroidery designs that have a low-stitch count.

2. Use applique to add impact. Fun colors and funky fabrics infuse a lot of spunk into plain t-shirts without adding the dreaded bullet-proof embroidered shield!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

3. Look for applique designs that are on the small size – under 3” x 3”. Jumbo designs overwhelm a small figure.

4. Get the placement right. Depend on the Children’s Perfect Placement Kit to help with locating the correct position for designs on children’s garments, size infant to youth large.Eileen's Children's Perfect Placement Kit

5. Ask the child (if old enough) for input on favorite colors, shapes, characters and designs. If they help design it, they’ll love wearing it.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

6. Rely on fusible polymesh stabilizer to eliminate the stretch in knits. It’s a strong cut-away and very comfortable.

7. Don’t be afraid to slit a side seam to make hooping easier. Knits don’t ravel so you won’t have to worry about frayed edges if you don’t have a serger.

8. After all embroidery is complete, add a fusible lightweight, tricot knit interfacing to the wrong side of the embroidery. This delicate, sheer cover-up will camouflage the bobbin threads and eliminate the ‘itch’ factor.

9. Lighten up your expectations. Kids are not only finicky but they grow so fast! Save the heirloom techniques for really memorable occasions when the effort will be worth it.

10. Look for ways to extend an active child’s wardrobe by adding embroidered borders to lengthen hemlines and cover stains. You’ll be glad you did if the child gets another season out of a garment.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Tell us what your favorite children’s theme is for the Summertime goodies you are crafting. FOUR lucky comments will be chosen to receive $25 to spend at the Applique for Kids website. Thanks and good luck!

May Blog Banner

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Here’s your assignment this week:
What vintage goodies from your grandmother, great-grandmother or other special family member do you have tucked away? It’s time to pull the linens out and use them as inspiration! For those feeling especially social, take a photo and post to our Facebook page! (No worries, everyone who just posts a comment on the blog has a chance to win!)One comment will be randomly selected and will win a $25 shopping spree to the Designs in Machine Embroidery website.

Designs in Machine Embroidery Shopping Spree

And the winner is…Shumidog “Even though most of my aunts at one time worked at the Coats and Clark factory in Central Falls, RI which made cotton embroidery thread none embroidered. Knitting and crochet were their forte and I have a number of items including doilies and bureau scarves.”

Embroidered Infinity Scarf

A huge shout out of gratitude to all of our Blog tour stops –Peas in a Pod, Riley Blake Designs, Nancy Zieman, We all Sew, Stitched by Crystal and Totally Stitching. The Be the Difference Foundation is honored to have all of these talented women participate in the drive to spread the awareness of ovarian cancer. Thank you!

Splash a little color on a trendy infinity scarf with feminine scrolls. This lightly-digitized design is part of a larger design and flows fluidly on this delicate rayon fabric.


  • One purchased infinity scarf
  • Water soluble mesh-type stabilizer
  • Embroider a Cure embroidery design #BTD005
  • Embroidery editing software

Open design BTD005 in embroidery editing software.

Select one scroll portion of the design.

Open a new screen and paste the scroll into the sewing field.

Rotate the design to make it easier to hoop.

Print a few templates of the design and audition them on the scarf. You might find it helpful to put the scarf on your neck, in the style you’ll wear, and place the templates in visible areas. Some of the embroidery will be buried in the twists and folds of the fabric but with a little planning you can make sure your embroidery will not be hidden.

Hoop the scarf with water soluble stabilizer and stitch the design. Rehoop as necessary until your embellishment is complete. My sample has 10 designs.

Trim the stabilizer close to the embroidery and rinse away the remainder. Once dry, press and wear!

Here’s your assignment this week:

Leave a comment below about your favorite scarf on the Love My Scarf Blog Tour and what inspired you to create one of your own! One lucky winner will receive this beautiful butterfly pin created on behalf of the Brookharts family in memory of their wife and mother, Joanne. If you’d like to pick up one for yourself or a friend you can do so here.

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Tell us how you store your thread! We’d love to know if you keep it neat and organized by color, randomly piled in a plastic bin, kept on dowels – tell us! One random comment will be chosen to receive a $25.00 gift certificate to spend at the DIME store online. Good luck!

And the winner is…JJ “My thread is in plastic zip bags that came with my sheets and pillow cases. Some are large so I have embroidery thread in them and the smaller ones hold metallic or other varieties that I don’t have a large assortment. My serger thread is in a plastic bin. I too am on the look-out for something better but these work and it is recycling so it makes me feel good about using something I already have on hand.”

Momma’s Embroidered Do-Rag


It’s Kick-off Day for the Love my Scarf Blog Tour!  September is not only National Sewing Month but it’s also Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month so join us in making scarves for cancer patients. Our goal is to collect 10,000 scarves – that’s a lot of scarves so we’re going to need your help. Visit each of the stops on the blog tour – pick a favorite project or two and make a scarf.  You can send your scarf to us – we’re donating the scarves to cancer treatment centers here in Dallas, TX – or drop it off at participating sewing machine retailers all across the nation. The list of dealers is growing daily – look for the Love My Scarf Bin in your local shop. If you don’t spot, ask for it.   Many dealers are hosting Serge, Stitch and Sew days.  These events are open to all crafters – sewists, embroiderers, knitters and crocheters.  Wouldn’t it be fun to team with crafters a little bit out of your favorite hobby?  After all, we’re all fiber artists, no matter how you like to twist, bend, shape, cut, stitch or knit your fiber.

Momma’s Embroidered Do-Rag

Scarves don’t have to be long and flowing; they can also be snug and cozy. Also known as do-rags, they offer warmth and comfort for everyone and are perfect for people suffering from hair loss. Stitching a ‘do-rag’ is fast, easy and fun. In fact, you can stitch six from one yard (60″ wide) of four-way stretch knit. Add some delicate embroidery designs to put a feminine touch on this classy head wrap for a woman or go for a more masculine look for guys. They get cold too!

Five Ways to Wear

  1. Scrunch the tube together and slide it over your head. Keep part of the tube scrunched near the hairline and pull the remainder over the crown of the head to cover the head. Now, work the scrunched part down over the forehead.
  2. Turn the tube wrong side out. Slide your hands into the tube like a muff and pull the opposite end back onto itself. A knot will appear, work the knot close to one end. Use both hands to spread the tube open, creating a ‘cap’. Pull the cap over your head, with the knot towards the back of the head.
  3. Scrunch the tube together and slide it over your head. Leave it scrunched at the crown of the head to create a headband.
  4. Scrunch the tube together and slide it over your head. Keep part of the tube scrunched near the hairline and pull a bit back over the top of the head to create a wide headband.
  5. Wear around the neck.


  • Embroider-a-Cure* embroidery designs
  • Embroidery editing software
  • Water soluble mesh-type stabilizer

Open design #BTD014 from the Embroider-a- Cure design pack in your embroidery editing software. You can also use your own design, or buy the Embroider-a-Cure design pack to get access to design shown. You can find the pack at *A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Embroider-a-Cure design pack will go to the Be The Difference Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing the survival rates for women with ovarian cancer.

Select one ribbon.

Open a new screen and paste the ribbon into the sewing field.

Select your largest hoop and turn on the grid. Continue to copy/paste the ribbons and place them 2″ apart. Rotate each one individually to get a random appearance. Save the design and send it to your machine. Cut 4-way stretch knit fabric 21″ (crosswise stretch) x 20″. Place water soluble stabilizer (mesh-type) over the outer ring of the embroidery hoop. Place one corner of the fabric over the stabilizer. Insert one end of the hoop and gently stretch the fabric (crosswise stretch) before inserting the remainder of the hoop. Stretching the fabric before embroidering allows the fabric to expand during wear.

Attach the hoop to the machine stitch the design. Once complete, repeat the process and fill another area with ribbons. I stitched four hoopings on my fabric.

Slit the stabilizer between the rows then trim right next to the embroidery. The more stabilizer you remove, the easier it is to rinse away the remainder.
Fold in half, right sides together, so that the fabric now measures 10 ½” x 20″. Sew with ½” seam allowance. Leave the other ends unfinished, they’ll be hidden when worn.

T-shirt Do-Rag

This is great way to recycle -shirts. Cut the t-shirt across the body at the underarm seam. Keep the hem intact, you’ll use it as the front of the headband/scarf when worn.

Trim the t-shirt tube down to 9″ x 20″- it’s cut a bit narrower than the embroidered scarf because it will stretch more without the added embroidery.

Serge the side seam. Done!

How easy was that?


What is Love My Scarf?

Each year over 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. These women are our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. We aim to support these beautiful, courageous women by asking you to donate handmade or store-bought head scarves for them. Your scarf donation can be knitted, embroidered, embellished, crocheted or any other medium you prefer. We will donate all of the scarves you send in to cancer centers so that they can be used as head covers for women. Our goal is to donate 10,000 scarves and we hope you will join us and participate in Love My Scarf for these incredible women.


How to Participate

Visit your local sewing dealer and look for the Love My Scarf donation bin or mail your scarves to:
Attn: Be The Difference Foundation 2517 Manana Rd, Dallas, TX 75220

Love My Scarf Blog Tour Stops

Please stop by these blogs on the Love My Scarf Blog Tour and see their unique scarves which will all be donated at the end of the tour and see what prizes you can win along each stop as well.

August 28th Eileen Roche
August 29th Peas in a Pod
August 30th Riley Blake Designs
August 31st Nancy Zieman
September 1st We All Sew
September 2nd Stitched by Crystal
September 3rd Totally Stitchin
September 4th Eileen Roche


Be The Difference

The Be The Difference Foundation was formed by four ovarian cancer survivors in different phases of survivorship who all share the same passion, to Be the Difference and end the fight against ovarian cancer. Our mission is to help women increase their chance of survival of ovarian cancer by raising money to fund programs for better treatment options, effective early screening, symptomatic and genetic predisposition awareness and a cure. Learn more at

Here’s your assignment this week:

Tell us how you store your thread! We’d love to know if you keep it neat and organized by color, randomly piled in a plastic bin, kept on dowels – tell us! One random comment will be chosen to receive a $25.00 gift certificate to spend at the DIME store online. Good luck!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Do you have any unfinished embroidery projects piled in your sewing room?  Perhaps you started a baby quilt and the “baby” is all grown up now?  Or maybe you’re looking for just the right fabric too coordinate with the project?  Tell us about your unfinished project(s) and SIX lucky winners will win a $25 gift certificate to the Stunning Stitches website!

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Visit the newly updated Stunning Stitches website featuring Alphabets & Monograms, Cross Stitch, In the Hoop, Native American designs and also Give Back Project Challenges!

And the winners are – Donna, Vickie, Linda E, Nancy W, Jacqueline C, and Maureen K.

Need an embroidery miracle? Then you need friends in high places!

Where do you turn when you need a solution to an embroidery dilemma? It started innocently enough with “Honey, can you embroider my name and phone number on this strap?” I naively responded, “Oh sure, I’ll bet it’ll be an easy thing to do.” Then he hands over the ‘harmless’ strap. From afar, it looked like camo canvas maybe camo neoprene. But once in my hand, my knees began to tremble when I gripped the…RUBBER backing! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rubber? Really? Are you kidding me? Dang, I wish I hadn’t shared that joke about the lady who informed her husband that no, she won’t stitch a logo on his golf shirt because her machine can’t do menswear. I still chuckle at that line. But my sweet husband knows the truth behind that – it’s a joke he’s heard me tell in Stitching Sister events. He knows all of my machines ‘can do menswear.’

So off I trotted to the office with the noose, I mean strap, over my shoulder. I figured I’d start my research there – pour through all our technical journals, embroidery books and commercial magazines to look for a solution. My search led to nothing, not a clue on how to hoop or stabilize rubber-backed neoprene. So I did what I normally do when approached with a stumbling block. I climb around it. Avoid it. Make a path around it – like the elephant in the room. And mull it over for a few days. But not this time because in walked the most knowledgeable person in the embroidery industry. Deborah Jones.

She was here on official business – really big important stuff like what would we have for lunch. At the end of our visit, I remembered the noose – strap (gee, I keep staying that!) and asked for her advice. Without a trace of confusion or a moment of hesitation, she said, “Oh hoop it with wax paper. You’ll need something to lubricate the needle and thread as it exits the rubber.”

I looked at her like she handed me the Hope diamond. She looked at me like she sometimes does, “Oh you silly Yankee.” (Doesn’t matter how long you live in Texas, you’re always a Yankee if you imported yourself.) Then she left. I was perplexed, okay scared, so I worried for a few more days. And then I bought wax paper. I haven’t purchased wax paper in years and didn’t spot it the new fancy grocery near the office. I asked a salesperson where I would find it and she wasn’t quite sure what it was! After a minute she muttered something about packed lunches at grandma’s house when she was a little girl and then sent me to aisle 23. Anyway, I bought it.

The noose, I mean strap, is thick so holding it in a hoop was not an option. Sticking it down on hooped wax paper in a standard hoop would likely result in the noose, strap, popping off the wax paper. So I hooped tear-away stabilizer and two layers of wax paper (Why two? I don’t know, I bought a whole roll, so I figured I’d get my money’s worth) in Snap Hoop on a 10-needle machine. Snap Hoop is flat and will help keep the strap on the wax paper. I sprayed the back of the strap with temporary adhesive and pressed it onto the wax paper. Then taped it for extra security.

As you remember Deborah told me to ‘use wax paper.’ She didn’t tell me anything about hooping, adding stabilizer or adhesive. I was on my own there, I just tried to apply common sense (something most Yankees are not known for in Texas) and tame the challenge and well, git her done as they say here.

It worked! An embroidery miracle, thanks to Deborah Jones.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. All for Me – Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop by Shelly Smola has 6 beautiful projects just for you! Inside you’ll find:

  • Tea Party Luggage Tags
  • Glamour Girl Makeup Case
  • Petite Purse
  • Vintage Apron
  • Time for Tea Pillow
  • Time for Tea Quilt

Leave us a comment below about the last thing you made for you and only you. One random comment will be selected to win their very own copy of All for Me – Delightfully Feminine Projects Made in the Hoop by Shelly Smola! Thanks for reading and good luck.

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

The designers at the Sulky Embroidery Club want you to win a FREE Gold Membership. Just leave a comment below about why you’d like a membership in the Sulky Embroidery Club. To find out more about the Club and this $150 retail value, just click the ad. If you win, we’ll create an account for you, already loaded with 500 points, so you can begin shopping immediately. There are hundreds of extraordinarily high-quality designs and projects to choose from, including fill, appliqué, outline, and 3-dimensional. New designs are added each month, so good luck!

And the winner is… Shelly – “I checked out the site and was excited to see the projects and designs that are there! I would love to win and be a part of all the things offered there. I love to learn from the experienced people and find so much joy and purpose in creating things for my family and friends. My embroidery work is my best friend now at this time in my life and I love to share it with all I know.”

It’s Time to Rally Behind New Experiences!

I don’t know about you but I love routine!  When forced to embrace change I’ll grumble a bit but will eventually rally behind the new experience.  If you’ve stopped by our new website you’ll notice a cleaner, more organized place to hangout.  The website is more robust—yet still has the same content you have grown accustomed to—like Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog, Free Designs, the Designs Plus Newsletters, and our Shopping Cart.  And we are especially excited about being able to offer you the ability to manage your subscription online!

If you’re on our mailing list then you are familiar with our weekly specials.  (If you aren’t, go ahead and sign up by clicking here.)  We’re known for offering great bundle offers like bonus projects and bonus designs with the purchase of hoops, embroidery books and more.  We also love to share Free Shipping offers with our customers.  The money saved in shipping costs can be spent on more important things… like more embroidery supplies!

Our new Shopping Cart makes redeeming special offers a pain-free experience. Here’s why:

  1. When we offer Bonus Projects + Designs with the purchase of products, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to download the Bonus gifts.  Talk about convenient!

  2. When we offer free Shipping Offers and Discounts—all you have to do is enter a coupon code upon checking out.  The shipping or discount that is applicable will be deducted before you buy the product.  Just remember to enter that coupon code!  If you forget the code refer to the handy email you received with the coupon code.

Speaking of special offers, have you taken advantage of these nifty offers?

  1. Free Shipping on All Products!  Use coupon code:  savebig
    Hurry!  Offer expires on July 12, 2013.  Available for US orders only.  For more details, click here.
  2. Free embroidery design when you create an account on the Designs in Machine Embroidery shopping cart page.  (You don’t have to buy anything, just create an account!)  Click here to create an account.

Free Design for signing up @ Dime


Here’s your assignment this week:

In the spirit of makeovers – one reader comment will be chosen to receive Designer Necklines One Step T-Shirt Makeovers. Just leave us a comment below about why you want to win, it’s that easy!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Can you find the hidden hearts in this image? Tell us how many hidden hearts you see and one lucky winner will be chosen randomly to receive $25 off at the DIME website. Happy heart hunting!

And the answer is…7 hearts. Our winner is Mary Ann – “I see 7 hearts. I’d love to see where all of them are at the end.”

Change is Challenging!

headerWe don’t always embrace change and in fact, many times we resist as long as we can.  Designs in Machine Embroidery has been connecting with you on our website for almost 15 years. Imagine the growth that has occurred during that time. We’ve transformed from a small web presence to a digital destination for thousands of embroiderers.  We’ve grown up but our website was stuck in the dark ages (oh my, can you really say that about the digital age already?).  The old site was clunky, difficult to navigate and not very intuitive.

So what did we do? We pulled off a major overhaul of the site and today’s version is clean, organized and user-friendly.  You’ll see all of the content you enjoyed on the old site but now it’s easier to find. If you had an account on our previous site the new site will know you but will ask for a new password to log-in – some things just have to be updated.  You should have received an email asking you to activate your account and chose a new password with a coupon for $10.00 off your first purchase + a free design. If you need another activation email sent please let us know by clicking here.

Once on the new site you can choose from any of our products or you can subscribe to our magazine, Designs in Machine Embroidery. If you are already a subscriber we’ve added new tools to manage your subscription. You can now renew or update your mailing address all online!  The new website makes that very simple and it’s been on our wish list for ages! Simply select the Manage My Subscription option from the main Magazine menu.

When you go to, this is the page that will greet you.


To access the magazine, newsletter, blog or free designs, just click on the category and you’ll jump to that page.



After listening to readers like you, we realized improvements were greatly needed on the products pages. Products are now easy to find, click on Shop Now to view the drop down menu and just click on the category you are interested in. You can also browse through our entire product selection by clicking on Shop Now and then All Products. You’ll find books, tools, hoops and more.


You’ll land on this page and then you can cruise to whatever product area you’d like. We’ve vastly improved the hoop area. Now you can select the type of hoop, manufacturer and size in just a few clicks.



We hope you’ll enjoy the new and improved site and be on the lookout we’ve got more changes in store including a newly branded look for the packaging in our product line. It’s an exciting time at Designs and we are thrilled for you to be along for the ride. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty we’d like to offer you 10% off of future purchase just use coupon code dimeshop at checkout.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Take a look around at the new website and let us know what you think. Leave your comments below and one random comment will be selected to receive a $25 gift certficate to spend on the new DIME website!

The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Sealed With a Stitch specializes in embroidery collections, but we want to know which one is your favorite. Come check them out and let us know which one tops your list. Six lucky winners will get a $25 gift certificate code to use at Sealed With A Stitch!

And the winners are…Terri, E.Costello, Lorel M, Nancy W, Valerie B. and Ruth P. Congrautations and enjoy your prize!

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